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Teamwork Strategies For Increasing Productivity

Creating a successful team is not an exact science. You are not creating an account by chance as in mathematics. Since the combined efforts result in results that are higher than expected, 1 + 1 does not equal 2, since the results are multiplied over what is expected. There are however, some obstacles in the way. Inadequately organized teams may achieve results inferior to those of their individual members.

Here are some teamwork strategies

Using the strategies “Klaxoon” we show you here will help you work together as a team and increase productivity.

Communicating effectively

It is impossible to have a successful team without effective communication. Coworkers need to communicate effectively if they want a successful working relationship. There may be a feeling of exclusion or feeling outside the circle if there is no understanding and if the information is not available to all participants at all times. The development of well-established communication protocols will benefit us in integrating the members, as well as facilitating the progress of our projects. Every member will be more comfortable communicating if they are aware of how the company is structured and what decisions each member makes.

Managing tasks

To optimize our work, we can use an array of work tools and task management tools. There are many such products, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Hootsuite, Asana, BaseCamp or OpenPojet. Examine the features and operations of each based on your team’s work and tasks, and determine which is best for your company. As an employer, it is crucial that you listen to the opinions of your employees since it is they who will employ them, and they often know better than anyone else what they need to be efficient and more productive.

We must not forget that all those tools were designed to improve and optimize our daily work; it is one of the strategies for teamwork that can best optimize time and improve productivity, but if they are misused or employees lack enough knowledge, they can have an opposite effect on the results obtained.

Our common goals

In addition to establishing common goals, teamwork requires communication. As with the previous topic, this is not always as easy as it seems, since most people run their own business or start their project by themselves, which often means that they are not able to separate their personal goals from those of their business. Regardless of one’s knowledge and training, it is essential, from the onset of training a team, that one takes into consideration the work goals of the team.

In terms of technical knowledge, it is far more important to share values and work philosophy than to hire the best professional. Putting together a team requires more than a scan of resumes, you have to find out if each member resonates with the others, and if they share enough interests that create a coherent company culture.

Enjoy the results

The field of education is increasingly embracing positive learning practices. The analysis of errors is obviously necessary to avoid tripping over the same stone, but celebrating and sharing the results is just as or more important.

To find out who is responsible for the successes and failures in a team, it is important to avoid pointing fingers. Everyone must work together! There may have been a little mistake on the part of a colleague, yet if a real mistake occurred, the team should be blamed since someone should have supervised this task, right? The same is true for great achievements, it is important that everyone is aware of how they did to motivate their activities and take pride in the performance.

The power of each member

When we organize someone else’s work, we sometimes do not take the time to truly understand their most impressive skills and attitudes. The more we learn about our team and have everyone do what they are best at and/or enjoy most, the better results we will achieve. There is no doubt that teamwork is one of the strategies that you should start considering right now to improve your performance.

The challenge is that you must know the people well that you are working with, since it is apparent that no matter how much you have chosen them based on a resume and experience, the fact is that a curriculum vitae rarely reflects a person’s true talents. You can see a person’s most outstanding qualities as you work with them, and once you have done so, you can use them to your advantage!

Final word

Always keep in mind that every person is an individual, and not each person is motivated by the same thing. It depends on the individual whether they are motivated by their company’s training program or prefer flexible hours to be able to balance work and family responsibilities. Understand the motivations of the team members by listening, understanding, and empathizing with them.

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