In this busy social media age, a time where people record every daily moment of their lives. All the way from the epic events in life right down to the dull and mundane. It is not often where we as a society are stumped by a simple set of unexplained photos. There is a tendency to think such inexplicable photos are faked. In the digital age a bit of nifty Adobe Photoshop is easy after all.

Thirteen Unexplained Photos in History

Until of course you consider for a moment that many of these unexplained photos were taken a long time before digital wizardry was even possible. Many pictures were taken a time when the camera just did not lie.

Therefore the events depicted in these photos are are hard to rationally explain as you shall see right here in this collection of ten unexplained pictures that have no acceptable reasoning.

1. The Loch Ness Monster ( Scotland )

2017 was a record for sightings of the Loch Ness Monster according to the dependable BBC. In fact old Nessie is probably the most recognized of secrets and mysteries, ever. The monster of the lake was captured on film in 1933 and published in a local newspaper supposedly as “two ducks fighting.”

To this date nobody has ever been able to provide any definitive proof or not that the creature of the loch is actually real. One thing is for sure from the unexplained photos, it definitely doesn’t look like two ducks fighting. Some people have thought that Nessie is a leftover from prehistoric times. Others that the monster is an escaped zoo animal. Or it could be one big prank that we all fell for.

unexplained photos
Image Credit : : The mystery of the Loch Ness Monster has never been fully explained

2. Unexplained Photographs : Life On The Red Planet

To be fair there could well be life on Mars and when we finally get there we will know for sure, maybe even in a few years time unexplainable photos. Of course everything and anything space related gets fans in a spin as is the case here.

This photo taken by one of the Mars based NASA rovers showed what appeared to be a beam of light in the far distance. Partypoopers still insist that aliens do not exist, even though simple probability metrics suggest otherwise most survival stories. So it could be a steam vent or light reflection. Or it could be Spock, go figure unexplained pictures.

unexplained photos
Image Credit : : Life On The Red Planet

3.Have a Fan of Music but no Talk as Noted

“Oh yes, It was the time of Dean was a wonderful boy, he played the French horn-like a fiend.” He’s still playing, Fittingly. Unfortunately, his sister was never listening to her. Then he was worst to the much of a fan of his music, talk as noted by her conch shell earplugs with his sister’s cat.


unexplained photos
Fan of Music but no Talk as Noted

4. A Spaceman at Solway Firth

Some time ago now in 1964 father Jim Templeton was taking a photograph of his young daughter. Perfectly normal and nothing wrong with that unexplainable photos.

Yet when shortly after the images were developed he noticed what appeared to be an spaceman standing just behind his daughter. This pic was from an age where digital trickery was much harder and experts say that the picture has not been tampered with, so the jury is out on this one unexplained pictures.

unexplained photos
A Spaceman at Solway Firth

5. The Copper Family Photograph

Now this is a creepy family picture like no other! The Copper family had just moved into a new home and promptly took one of their very first family pictures. I mean in a new home why not take a picture to celebrate moving in.

However in the photo, once it was properly developed a falling body could easily be seen. If this is real then it is rather hard to explain and it gave the kids nightmares for years after. Once again Copper family photo is taken in a pre digital age where photo fakery was much much harder of unexplained pictures.

unexplained photos
The Copper Family Photograph

6. Norway, A Large Beam of Light with a Grayish Spiral

It was the time of December 2009. In Norway, there appeared a large beam of light with a grayish spiral emanating from its end in the night sky. It was an unclear explanation from the Russian Ministry of Defense that sparked several theories among UFO enthusiasts.

unexplained photos
Norway, A Large Beam of Light with a Grayish Spiral

7. The Inexplicable Watertown Ghosts

In 1924 two sailors were cleaning out a cargo container on their ship while traversing the the Pacific Ocean. At this point they died at sea due to a mishap with some gas and fumes.

However, just before they died one of the sailors managed to take a photo of what appeared to be two faces following the ship from the stern. Not many ghost unexplained photos have credible merit but supposedly this is one of them.

unexplained photos
The WaterTown Ghosts

8. The Mysterious Babushka Lady at JFK?

Most people have seen the infamous footage of John K Kennedy’s assassination and in 2017 even more info on those events in Dallas was declassified unexplainable photos.

Yet what about that strange lady that is mysteriously in most photos of the time? This lady still outfoxes the FBI who admit to not really knowing the answer as to her identity. So she was given the nickname the Babushka Lady since her scarf and general appearance seemed Russian unexplained pictures influenced.

unexplained photos
HE Mysterious Babushka Lady at JFK

9. Freddy Jackson’s Squadron

So just imagine showing up to your own funeral and freaking out the guests, since by rights you are not supposed to be there. It looks like that’s exactly what Freddy Jackson did at his funeral wake. In 1919 Jackson’s squadron comrades and staff were taking a set of photos after attending his funeral unexplained photos.

Remember there was no Polaroid or iPhone snaps back then. So once the film was developed his squad members noticed the eerie face behind them as none other than Jackson. To say they were spooked is being mild about it.

unexplained photos
Freddy Jackson’s Squadron

10. The Passing of Student Elisa Lam

These CCTV images are not that remarkable yet the story sure is . While at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles she died under suspicious circumstances. There were no traces of drugs or alcohol and it was ruled that her cause of death drowning.

Now Lisa was one clean, healthy person so some people think that Lam became possessed by a demon or was overcome by something unexplained photos not of this world that claimed her life.

unexplained photos
The Passing of Student Elisa Lam

11. A Paper Code nor the Man’s Identity has ever Been Solved

A man was founded with a piece of paper with the words “Taman Shud” dead on a beach, in 1984. It was torn was found in a nearby car. This paper was contained a mysterious code visible only under UV light. And get the book with fraught. Neither the paper code nor the man’s identity has ever been solved.

unexplained photos
Mystery of the Somerton Man

12. The Black Knight Satellite

For years orbiting satellite’s have been taking interesting images of space junk at high altitude but this particular one looked more like the bat mobile or a Klingon space ship from Star Trek.

Of course the party poopers that are NASA said this was more likely to be rocket debris or cladding falling to Earth, so no need to panic just unexplained pictures yet.

unexplained photos
The Black Knight Satellite

13. The Geophone Rock Incident

On the Apollo 17 mission images were taken by the astronauts, this is just part of the normal photography that takes place on most missions into space. Remember every unexplained pictures time a Shuttle used to go up and they would attach cameras.

unexplained photos
The Geophone Rock Incident

Well the notion is that great space vids and pics help wow the public and also help trace accidents. This unexplainable photos seems that the cameras are also good for picking out strange pyramids on the moon. Perhaps there is a Stargate there also, who knows unexplained photos from our life archive! If you like more mysteries and shocking under water treasures then have a look closer to Earth next time.