I am sure by now, most of us are pretty familiar with PC games since the gaming industry has grown tremendously over the last couple of years, with more and more great games getting released every year. The technology that is developed for the gaming ecosystem is something mesmerizing, allowing you to play games that are so close to reality that they might even make you forget that you’re into a game.

But, what if we take a step back, and we leave our high-quality PC, mobile phone, and console games aside for a minute, and we try out something classic, something that most of us used to play years ago. What I’m talking about are the games that you can play in your browser, those that require no installation and are accessible to anybody within minutes.

They might not compare from a quality standpoint to those high-tech games but, they are easily accessible, and comfortable because you can get in and out of them within seconds, without much waiting. And, because these games are so popular even nowadays, we decided to put together a top 5 list with the best browser games that you can play today, for free. We tried to make this list as widespread as possible, including games from many categories, enjoy.


This one, even if it got released only four years ago, is a classic. When we’re speaking about browser games, many people will be thinking about Agar.io since it’s such a famous game. Its fame is well deserved since this game is so entertaining to play, and possibly the perfect one in case you only have a few minutes to spare and want to entertain yourself by getting emerged into a new, competitive world.

However, don’t expect to be playing it only for a few minutes because you might easily end up paying for dozens of minutes since the whole idea of the game is so fun. In the beginning, you are a cell, a circle that is supposed to eat smaller things to get bigger, while running away from the big cells, and trying to stay alive.

Stargames Casino

Probably some of the most notorious games perfect for having lots of fun, easily, without having to install anything, are the casino games. The popularity of this gaming category has grown a lot in the last few years, and it dates back a long time, even to the days when Microsoft used to have card games on their operating systems.

Stargames Casino is perfect for playing some casino games easily since they have a huge variety of slots, table games, and even skill games, all for free. Imagine if you could play any casino game you ever thought of, now you can do it, at the click of a button. Stargames Casino has so many games that you might never get to try them all out.


When it comes to this category of games that you can play straight on the web, there isn’t one that’s so popular as the MMO games, one of them being Grepolis. This game got released almost ten years ago, and even if plenty of changes happened to its graphic since then, the whole feel and purpose of the game stayed the same.

The premise of the game is simple to understand, but it takes loads of time to master since the game is so complex. You are, one of the many other users, caught up in Antiquity, that have to build their empires, and start battling with other users and colonizing their territory. It’s one of the best MMO games ever, and you can play it now on mobile as well, not only in your browser.

Line Rider

Line Rider is a game developed more than a decade ago, and in this time it experienced much love from the people since it has such a catchy concept. All you have to do is designed, with the help of your mouse, as many lines, tracks, as you want that the main character, Bosh will have to ride on. As soon as you click play, Bosh will start riding the lines, into an adventure that you created.

Even if the idea of the game is pretty simple, you can create a lot of complicated tracks, and maybe even design the next Mozart symphony on the internet, as only a few managed to do before.


This is a massive game, released in 2001, Runescape enjoyed plenty of fame since then, and it even got a place in the Guinness World Records as the most played free MMORPG, ever. All of this game’s users played 443 billion minutes in total since its release until 2012.

That’s not such a big surprise since this game is huge, you can keep on exploring it, and you will still be mesmerized by how much more you have to discover. You might never get to see this whole game but, you will surely be able to make plenty of friends since this is a fantasy multiplayer game.

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