Making great videos is not just about having great content. Sure, the subject of the video will ultimately intrigue audiences, but not everybody will watch your video to the end even if they enjoy what it’s about. This is because there are many different aspects of video production that we often take for granted, such as aesthetics, production value and music. These are all equally important elements to making videos, allowing you to significantly step up your professionalism and keep people watching until the end of every video.

Once you begin making videos that look truly professional, you’ll begin attracting viewers who are outsiders to the material you’re covering, something that will extend your overall reach. Because music can be such an important part of this process, we want to share with you some of the best genres of music to use as background music in videos. Though it might seem insignificant, adding good music to your videos is a great way to go from an amateur video maker to a seasoned professional.

The Genres That Are Best for Videos

Which genre is best for the video you’re making will depend on what type of video you’re making. This is why we’ve compiled a list of a variety of different effective genres to give you a good idea of the many options available.

  • Classical Music: If you’re somebody making videos about education or philosophy, you can never go wrong with adding some classical music to the back of your videos. If you want something calm within classical music, we recommend putting some of Bach’s solo cello suites or other types of solo pieces. Classical music can also be great if you’re looking to increase the drama of your video, with Orff’s “Carmina Burana” being a great example.
  • Minimalism: Though this is technically a sub-genre of classical music, it is still a great example for those looking to use calm music in the back of their videos. Minimalism is especially great due to the fact that it’s usually quite repetitive, allowing you to begin and end the music wherever you’d like without experiencing many interruptions in the process. Minimalism will also be solo piano pieces, a great instrument to use for video background music.
  • Rock Music: If you are making videos that are intense, you should definitely use rock music. It is often the best way to communicate intensity and power! If you have action scenes in your movies, that’s even better. You can also decide which type of intensity you’d like based on the tempo (the speed) of any given song!
  • New Age Music: Those who are interested in making videos centered on health should definitely incorporate new age music into the final product. This is because new age music is often contemplative and inspiring, both important elements that can get people feeling positive about their health. New age music is also a flexible genre, ranging from synthesizer-based ambient music to calming solo piano tracks!
  • Indie Pop Instrumentals: Indie pop instrumentals have been the underdog of online videos, being something that people don’t often think about but almost always hear. These songs typically use ukulele, glockenspiel and other types of cute instruments that form perfect video backgrounds! If you’re a lifestyle vlogger or some other type of video maker who uses calm aesthetics, you should use this music.

Regardless of which music you’re interested in using, it’s important that you find something that truly fits the tone of your video. If the tone of the music doesn’t match the tone of the video, you will run into a cognitive dissonance that is hard to resolve.
If you’re interested in looking for music for your video, you should also keep track of royalty free music. This means that you’ll be able to use the music without paying anyone for the rights, allowing you to have more creative control throughout the process! There are many different places where you can find good royalty free music, but we recommend checking out a royalty free music library to learn more information.

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