Ever wondered why fashion keeps changing with time or who influences it? 

Cultures, athletes, musicians, advertisements influences fashion. Different types of clothes have been a symbol of identity for certain groups in society for many years now. 

Fashion designers always try to bring something unique and different, but sometimes it is just plain strange. Here’s a list of the 7 strangest fashion trends. 

1. Mexican Pointy Boots

Most people came to know about these types of shoes in 2009. 

Today, tribal musicians in Mexico wear the boots. Mexican pointy boots are becoming popular among Hispanic communities living in various parts of the United States, including Dallas. 

The design has a humble beginning but has gone completely mainstream. Recently they made their way to fashion runways in Paris. The average retail price of the boots is $515. 

According to a local media house, the fashion trend started after an individual decided to sharpen his shoes. 

Another person in a neighboring town was impressed by the footwear and also did the same.

It then became a competition among the locals where individuals would sharpen their shoes to the best of their abilities. This continued until the points reached epic proportions. 

The widespread use of these boots in different parts of the world can be attributed to musicians and DJs who embraced the trend.  Several music videos in Mexico have featured the footwear. 

2. Eyeball Tattoo

This involves tattooing the cornea of the human eye. It is also commonly known as corneal tattooing. 

Did you know that you some people get tattooed in the inner white part of the eye? It is called scleral tattooing and it’s a risky procedure.  

In some cases, some people lose their vision during the tattooing process. The fashion trend is not new. It has been there for thousands of years! 

A Roman physician came up with the idea of corneal tattooing in 150 AD. 

Eyeball tattooing is a relatively new concept and is one of the most controversial trends in the fashion industry.

Two individuals in the United States pioneered it. The process is irreversible, and physicians have not established its long-term effects on human health. 

Only a small number of artists have carried out the procedure successfully. According to one of the artists, the eyes are essential communication tools, and different colors of the iris have different effects. 

3. Meggings

These are leggings designed for men. The trend gained prominence from late last year, and the demand has gone up since then.  Polyester is the main material used to make the clothing. 

The price ranges between $29.95 and $39.95 depending on the fabrics used. Some of the reasons why some people have not gained interest in the garment are that they don’t have pockets and they should be washed using cold water. 

The designers are still working on finding the pockets suitable for meggings and other fabrics which men don’t need to use cold water when cleaning.

One of the firms specializing in the clothing hopes to make them warmer to keep the men warm during the cold season. 

Some experts have argued that compression tights are ideal for men when working out. According to them, meggings help to sustain a person’s power during the exercises as they hold the muscles in place. 

It is one of the world’s weird fashion styles, but they facilitate the efficient use of oxygen during workouts, and this is good for the muscles. You can see more fashion trends on our site. 

4. China’s Facekini 

Is the word new to you?

It is one of the strange fashion styles that has gained prominence among women in China during the hot season. The garment is designed to offer protection against harmful UV rays and Jellyfish when having fun at the beaches. 

Facekini is now popping up in different parts of the world. It covers the head but reveals eyes, mouth, and nose. The pioneer of facekini worked as an account in China when she realized that women in the country were at high risk of sunburns during the summer. 

The clothing is made using the same fabrics used for swimsuits and is usually made to match the suits. Currently, they are produced in large numbers in China due to the high demand. Facekini prevents the skin from getting darker. 

Are you aware that tan is an indication of low social-economic status in some Asian countries?

Efforts to maintain fair-skin among Chinese women in China started as early as 475 BC. Traditionally, high-class women in the Asian country would stay indoors to avoid too much exposure to the sun. 

5. Bagel Head

It is a weird fashion trend which originated in Canada many years ago but mainly practiced in Japan. The funniest thing? It is designed to resemble a bagel or a donut. 

A bagel head is not a permanent modification. Did you know that it only lasts between 6-24 hours? 

It occurs after inserting a saline drip under a person’s forehead. Within a short period, the forehead swells and is pressed to form the desired shape. The procedure does not cause any harm to your body. 

However, it is recommendable to seek the services from an experienced practitioner and to take necessary precautions. Some experts have warned that if the piercing is not done correctly, a person may get an infection. 

Some people describe bagel heads as a form of creative art. 

6. Hitler Chic

It is one of the strangest fashion around the world and originated in Thailand. Some people refer to it as Hitler’s “invasion” in Bangkok through the fashion industry.

Recently, images of the former leader can be seen on T-shirts, sweatshirts, posters, and other places. 

7. Moschino’s Dry Cleaner Dress

The clear dress was introduced earlier this year by Moschino. The Italian fashion house has introduced several other high-valued products in the market in the past. It looks like a plastic bag and costs about $700. 

Fashion is a form of expression. It has been an important part of our society and culture over the years. There are stigmas in the fashion industry concerning various trends. It brings out your uniqueness! 

Explore our website to learn more about some of the most interesting fashion trends around the world. 

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