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The Advantages of Timeshare in Details

Known also as ‘vacation ownership’, timeshare is when your getaway designation is split into shared ownership. Timeshare is joint ownership of a holiday property. It means that everyone who ‘owns’ a piece can use that property at a certain time of the year. Brand such as Marriott, for instance, is one of the big hospitality brands that offer timesharing.

Do you like the idea of having shared ownership with other people who also own an assigned week? Are there advantages to buying a timeshare? We take a look.

1. You’ve got a place in the Sun

When you have timeshare, you’ve always got your spot in the sun to go to. You buy your accommodation and then pay an annual levy. You know precisely what the financial expenses are surrounding your getaway.

Some people do a lot of research on the Internet for holiday accommodation and get taken in when the property doesn’t live up to the photographs and information on the website. With a timeshare, there is no such thing as arriving and not knowing what you’re getting.

2. Ownership Perks

Timeshares come with ownership perks that can include a welcome cocktail drink on arrival and then access to most of the on-site amenities such as tennis courts, swimming pools, gyms and spa facilities. When you become a member of the Privilege Club, you get access to amazing Club benefits at all Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts.

3. Special Member Pricing

 When you become a member of the right vacation club, you get all kinds of discounts and deals on accommodation but also nearby golf courses and more. Whether its flights or car rentals, you can do all your bookings from one portal. Timeshare is all about enjoying wonderful, luxurious getaways each year at affordable rates. 

4.  Flexibility

You can always be traveling to new places. The Privilege Club is affiliated with RCI which stands for Resort Condominiums International and you have a choice of more than 7 000 resorts around the world to choose from when you spend your week away.  

5. You Feel at Home

Lots of the Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts offer amazing advantages for club members to make your getaway imprinted on your memory. Some of the many advantages to making you feel like you belong are among others, concierge services, complimentary Internet at Privilege lounges, reservation priorities at a la carte restaurants, discounts on excursions and shops as well as private airport transfers. Check out the Airport Transfers Heathrow services.

Timeshare is Your Getaway Buddy

One of the biggest advantages of Timeshare is knowing what you’re getting. This is a vital part of holidaymaker satisfaction. Timeshare also saves you money, and these days, finances and the way we work with our money has never been so important. With timeshare, you pay for so many years ahead but at today’s prices. This means your getaway is protected from inflation and those ridiculously high peak-season rates. Also, some of the fees involved such as for maintenance are shared with several owners instead of just you and that’s a huge financial burden off your hands.

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