There are many potential uses for CBD. Some people use CBD to help control everyday stresses or to minimize exercise-induced inflammation. However, these aren’t the only ways you can use CBD. CBD for sleep is a fairly common option that many people use every day. If you’re interested in trying out CBD for sleep, keep reading to learn more about the concepts behind it and the best way to take full advantage of it.

Here are the CBD sleep basics

1. CBD’s Sleep-Based Benefits

The first thing to know is that CBD has multiple benefits that directly impact sleep.

  • Deeper Sleep Cycles

Of course, probably the most well-known sleep-based benefit from CBD is that it can make it easier to attain deeper sleep cycles every night. Even if you feel like you’re getting enough sleep every night, a lower quality of sleep can lead to feelings associated with sleep deprivation, which means it’s important that you get deep sleep, not just a lot of sleep. CBD may be able to help you turn your sleeping hours into more effective sleep.

  • Less Anxiousness Before Sleep

The other big benefit of CBD for sleep is that it may be able to help if you have regular anxiousness before sleep. Many people find that they have a difficult time falling asleep because they tend to think about the rest of their day too much. Because CBD can support a sense of calm for focus, it’s more likely that you’ll be able to avoid anxiousness before falling asleep.

2. How to Use CBD for Sleep

If you’re going to use CBD for sleep, how should you do it? Here are a few ways to start a CBD for sleep schedule.

  • Form Your CBD Schedule

First off, it’s a good idea to create a CBD schedule in the first place. It’s not usually recommended to take CBD just as needed; you should use CBD regularly, then add CBD as needed whenever you have need for it. If you’re specifically interested in CBD for sleep, keep that in mind when crafting a CBD schedule.

  • Take CBD Just Before Bed

Usually, the best time to take CBD for sleep is just before bed. When you take CBD just before bed, it’s more likely to be at its most potent right as you’re laying down for sleep. That’s different than if you take it when you wake up, which means the CBD usually won’t be as potent when you’re going to sleep.

  • Maintain the CBD Schedule If Possible

If at all possible, don’t make any significant shifts to your CBD schedule once it’s set in stone. Not only will this be difficult because it means you’re shifting a CBD habit, but it can also be difficult for your body to adjust to a new way of taking CBD after you’ve been taking it a specific way for a long time.

3. Tips for Helping CBD Work Better

CBD can sometimes work better if you make little tweaks to the way you take it. Here are a few top tips to make CBD for sleep work better.

  • Use CBD Melatonin Gummies

CBD for sleep often benefits from a secondary supplement alongside it. That’s exactly the case with CBD melatonin gummies, which you can find at Charlotte’s Web. With CBD melatonin gummies, the melatonin and CBD for sleep can work together to make it even more effective.

  • Know Your CBD Amount

The best way to know your CBD amount is to try a little first, then work your way up. If you’re using CBD oil, that means starting with just a few drops, then slowly starting to use more until you find the perfect amount for your needs. With other products like CBD gummies, start with the recommended amount and only shift it if you’re not sure whether it’s working.

  • Only Use High-Quality CBD

Lastly, it’s vital that you only use high-quality CBD. It doesn’t matter what else it has in it; if you’re not using high-quality CBD, you won’t get the benefits you might otherwise be able to get. A reputable retailer like Charlotte’s Web will only give you high-quality CBD.


CBD for sleep works just like CBD for any other need. As long as you only buy high-quality CBD and you pay attention to your body’s reaction, you should be able to find a CBD usage that works for your needs. Purchase your CBD from Charlotte’s Web and you’ll be amazed at your CBD benefits.

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