Saving, in general, is essential in the modern world. Saving time, money, resources, or energy… For a while now, people have been looking to dial down the levels of anxiety using too much of everything can cause.

This is true of many aspects and areas in life. Think about work and the time and energy that demands. Think of a home, the money it takes to support one, even if you live alone.

Now think about the kitchen, a basic area of our everyday life. Having a meal, something we just can’t choose to skip, becomes a tedious task from the planning to the execution, to the mess after. So, why not follow the trend that has been set a while ago? Meal-prepping could be just the beginning of a better life. Keep reading and find out where to begin and the benefits behind it.

Recipes For Beginners

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As you get into this practice, you’ll see that quite literally anything can be cooked ahead and frozen. But rice-based recipes are a great option because they are quite filling. Rice can be stored for up to a month in the freezer and it can be combined with plenty of other ingredients.

Spanish Rice

This staple side dish is easy to make as you just have to let the rice cook in vegetable broth and tomato sauce. Spanish rice recipes generally include a variety of vegetables and can be paired with almost anything, chicken being the go-to option of most people. If you’re a vegetarian, this dish goes great with mushrooms!

Spanish rice can be stored in the fridge for a couple of days, but lasts up to a month in the freezer. Make a generous batch ahead and have it ready as a main or side dish. Just make sure to add some water to it to reheat it.

The Benefits

It Is Time-Saving

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This one goes without saying. And nowadays, time is our most valuable resource. If you save time, you save money, and, as a direct consequence, the levels of stress and anxiety decrease.

What is the key? Discipline and determination. If you work on your organizational skills, you’ll just need a day for groceries shopping and one or two days to cook. Do this on a low workflow day or even on the weekends.

Kicking your week off with most meals ready will not only help you see the amount of time you spend thinking about food, cooking, and cleaning, but it will also allow you to make better use of that (now free) time.

It Helps You Maintain A Balanced Diet

Each of these points are somehow connected to each other: if you have organize your weekly meals, if you take the time to plan and make ahead, you’ll soon notice how varied and balanced your diet can be.

One of the biggest issues when it comes to our diet is how repetitive we are. Either because we don’t have enough time to cook or because we always rely on our basic tastes to make it through lunch or dinner, meal-prepping naturally helps you avoid all that. You won’t prepare seven containers of the same two dishes, you will want to make seven different options. Again, reflecting upon our present habits is the only thing that will help us see this.

It Helps With Anxiety

This might not be true to all and it will definitely hit more women than men, but thinking about what to eat every single day is stressful to say the least. Not only that, the dish has to be appetizing, healthy, different and it has to please everyone at the table. Now think about that at least twenty times a week or more, no wonder nobody likes cooking.

Meal-prepping, and organization tips in general, help you get rid of that anxiety. Noting down, planning, and later executing your plan is like taking a weekly holiday from the kitchen.

It Saves Money

Use These Money-Saving Rules for Financial Freedom

As a direct consequence of all these poor habits, two scenarios could come up: either you end up having to take out more than you should or you necessarily end up buying last-minute groceries to make haste and get over with whatever meal you’re having.

Meal-prepping not only saves time and energy, it also saves money. You just have to plan ahead and make one big purchase, or two a month. Even vegetables can be frozen today, so the only real thing you have to buy on a weekly basis is some fruit.

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