Diesel engines are widely appreciated for their low maintenance costs in comparison to gasoline engines. There are, however, several components of the engine to keep an eye on to ensure your vehicle runs well.

So what are the best diesel engine servicing tips? And how can you avoid costly problems with your engine thanks to regular checks?

Keep reading for our diesel engine maintenance checklist.

Check Your Air Filter

Check Your Air Filter

When considering diesel engine maintenance and cleaning, the air filter is one of the most crucial aspects. Cleaning an air filter is important because it prevents ash from building up. Air filters are expensive to replace so make sure you check yours every twelve thousand miles or so.

Truck air filters need to be checked more often, especially when driving in dirty conditions.

It’s possible to verify the state of your air filter without removing it. Better yet, opt for an air filter cleaner that can get the job done on the road.

Change Your Oil

Next on our checklist, it’s essential to change your oil regularly. This means every five thousand miles for your diesel engine. How you drive your vehicle and the driving conditions will also impact how often it needs to be changed.

Neglecting your diesel engine’s oil can lead to corrosion and a shorter life-span of the engine. The cost of oil changes compared to the potential damage that not changing the oil could cost makes this an easy decision.

Monitor Your Fuel Filter

Monitor Your Fuel Filter

Another important diesel engine cleaning tip is to carefully monitor your fuel filter. Diesel engines have two fuel filters, a primary and a secondary, and both should be replaced every ten to fifteen thousand miles.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to assess the state of your fuel filter by lifting the hood. When your car is due for a service, be sure to mention a fuel filter inspection to the mechanic. Older cars will need the fuel filter monitored more frequently than newer models.

Use a Diesel Fuel Additive and Coolant

The last diesel maintenance and cleaning step on our checklist is to use a fuel additive. Fuel additives serve several purposes that help keep your engine running smoothly.

This includes maintaining the function of fuel injectors, demulsifying water, and helping to prevent fuel gelling. This is particularly important if you live in an area that experiences cold temperatures.

You’ll also want to keep your engine topped up with a coolant. The coolant needs to be flushed and replaced regularly because the formula can turn acidic. This damages other parts of the engine, so be sure to check your coolant twice a year.

Those Are the Best Diesel Engine Maintenance Tips

Those Are the Best Diesel Engine Maintenance Tips

From changing your diesel engine air filter, to monitoring the fuel filter, we’ve now shared the best ways to keep your engine running smoothly. Regular servicing can prevent costly repairs down the line, so consult a mechanic if you need a health-check on your vehicle.

If you have any other questions about how to maintain the best diesel engine condition for your vehicle, check out our other automotive posts!

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