We all know that exercise is good for us and something we should regularly do. Whether it is hitting the gym or working out at home, staying in top condition has a number of health benefits. Not only will looking good make you feel good, but exercise will boost your immune system and help keep your weight under control. It is also great for making you feel better after a bad day. However, sometimes it is easy to let your exercise plans slide a little. This is perfectly understandable in modern life with all the demands it places on you.

If you have decided it is time to make the effort to get back into shape though, you need to make sure you do it sensibly. Rushing in without thinking about it first will see you sustain injuries or simply burn out after a few weeks. To start exercising in a safer, more sustainable way, the below tips should help you get started on adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Start off slowly 

If you are not in peak condition and have not exercised for a while, your body is in for a shock. This means it is essential to start off slowly and build up your workout intensity as you progress. If you try to do too much at first, the strain on your body could lead to tears or pulls. Instead, it is much better to start off at a lower level which will help your body get used to exercising again. As you feel this happen, you can always ramp it up a little bit as you go.

Train with a friend

One of the big dangers for regular exercise is motivation. Many people start off with good intentions, but these can fade over time. After a busy day at work and with the kids to feed, working out can feel like the last thing you fancy. To help overcome this and stay on track, why not workout with a friend? Whether you go to the gym together or for a jog around the block, it will help you stay committed to your workout plan and not cut any sessions regularly. 

Think about wearing compression gear

You have probably seen compression gear already as worn by pro athletes on TV. Tommie Copper is a big name in this sector and Tommie Copper compression wear can help you as well. This innovative clothing provides gentle compression to your muscles to support them and aid circulation. The net result is less stiffness after a workout which can be a problem when getting back into exercise. It will also give your body extra support to guard against any minor injuries which could occur when first working out again. 

Warm up and down 

A big part of making exercise a part of your life once more is doing what you can to look after your body. This will help you get more from your sessions and workout in a safer way. As well as things like compression wear, you should also make sure to warm up and down each time. Warming up helps your muscles to get ready for the exertion ahead while warming down helps them to recover afterwards. Many people skip these key steps in a rush to start exercising but it is a big mistake.

Stay hydrated 

Going through your planned workout routine will involve physical effort which will make you hot and thirsty. This is even more true when you begin exercising again as your body will not be used to it. To avoid feeling dizzy or light-headed due to this, you must remember to drink water when working out. A great tip is to bring a reusable water bottle with you each time, so it is always on hand when you need it most.  

Choose something you enjoy 

One superb tip for getting back into exercise is to simply choose something you enjoy doing. Exercise comes in many forms from walking to cycling, lifting weights, swimming and playing sports. As long as it gives you a good aerobic workout at least, then it is fine to do. Choosing something you enjoy will make it far more likely that you will continue with it and make exercise a key part of your life. Before starting to run, its important to choose the best running shoes for you

Getting back into exercise need not be hard 

If you are considering getting back into exercise, the above tips should help. Many people mistakenly think it is impossible to start again after a long break, but this is not true. While it will require effort and commitment on your part, it is worthwhile for the physical and mental benefits it delivers. Regular exercise will make you feel good about yourself and also help you become stronger and fitter.

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