Having a baby is a noble thing and the desire of millions of couples around the globe. Everyone wishes to have their bundle of joy to cuddle and thank God for letting them bring forth life into this world. However, having the birth of a baby is just the beginning of a whole new journey in life. It is imperative to be very careful about how you take care of the baby as well as yourself so that both the mother and the child can have a good life together. To help you out, here is a look at some of the tips you should observe if you want to have a healthy baby.

Learn to say no

You must be ready for certain lifestyle changes during and after pregnancy. Some of these things will require you to have a very strong resolve and know how to say no to most of them. Not everything will be ok for you during pregnancy and after you have the baby, for example, smoking and drinking must be avoided during and after pregnancy. When you have given birth, it is also important that you don’t go back to these habits if you used to have them before having the child. This is simply because they will have a direct impact on the health of your child.

Avoid where there is smoke

The Best Tips for a Healthy Baby

You may not be smoking, but exposing yourself and your child to secondary smoking is just as dangerous as smoking on your own. This is why it is important to be very careful about being in environments where there are smokers.  The same is also the case when it comes to being environments with a lot of smoke. Whether the smoke is generated by a car or its due to burning rubbish in your neighborhood, you must ensure that you and your child are far away from it. One of the dangers that may come as a result of exposing their own child to smoke is respiratory problems and if you’re not careful, you may find that your child has sinuses and they may need to undergo pediatric sinus surgery to bring the relief. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

On breastfeeding

It is sad to note that the demand of the modern lifestyle make many mothers stop breastfeeding their children when it is not yet time. It is recommended by experts that children should be breastfed for the first 6 months after birth. They should be exclusively on the mother’s milk during this time so that they can reap certain immunological benefits from that are only available on the mother’s milk It could be tempting to start giving the baby solid foods, but you have to be a little patient with this until the first six months have elapsed before you can start giving them solid foods.

The importance of fresh air

The Best Tips for a Healthy Baby

Getting a burst of fresh air is always relieving to the mind and soul. For the mother, exposing yourself to nature where I can get fresh air will be very important in reducing the stress that is sometimes witnessed following the baby’s birth. To the baby, it is also important to get exposed to nature where they can have their lungs get filled with very fresh air. This is very effective in keeping them healthier and happier and also helping to strengthen their immune systems. If possible, you can schedule time every day or every week so that you go walk in natural environments where you will be treated to fresh air and the soothing sounds of nature.

Be cautious

When you have a child, there are very many people who will want to carry them or hold them for some time. Indeed, this is a good thing, but it should not be at the expense of your baby’s health. To this effect, don’t shy away from asking any visitor who wants to hold your baby to wash their hands before doing so. If possible, you should have a hand sanitizer ready in the room so that the visitors can sanitize their hands and hold the baby only when you are absolutely sure that they will not be transmitting any germs. It is a good idea to be this paranoid that wait for your baby to get sick and get stressed when you could have prevented it from happening.

Be careful with the antibiotics

The Best Tips for a Healthy Baby

Most mothers, especially first-time mothers are in the habit of asking doctors and nurses to prescribe all manner of antibiotics for their children. It is good to be conscious of the health of the child, but you should be careful when it comes to the use of antibiotics. Before you ask for a prescription, take time to ask if they are really necessary. It is very possible for your child to become resistant to antibiotics simply because you gave them more than necessary. Sometimes, you pump the baby’s system with antibiotics simply because you are paranoid and you are afraid of them falling sick. Just remember that sometimes antibiotics are not that necessary.

Get the solid foods right

The Best Tips for a Healthy Baby

When your baby starts taking solid foods, you should be careful to make the transition as easy as it can possibly be for them. You should stick to healthy whole foods and go slow on proteins and fats. You should completely avoid giving your kids processed foods until they are much older. The same is also for drinks. Don’t give them any of the processed beverages, but instead, feed them on fresh fruit juices. You should also not forget to give them generous amounts of vegetables and fruits once they can eat.

Always know where the kids are at all times

It is normally said that when you don’t notice the presence of your kid or they aren’t making noise as they used to, then they are up to some mischief. You should at all times know exactly where the kid is within the house and shield them from any dangers they may get exposed to. Don’t let them go to places such as the kitchen and garage on their own. That would be a recipe for disaster.

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