Heartburn’s cause isn’t much of stomach acid, like it is believed widely – that’s not enough. This is the revelation by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, the author of “Real Cause, Real Cure”, a best-seller. He tells that the antacids and reflux drugs taken might be doing much harm than any good.

He explains that indigestion is due to poor digestion and not much of stomach acid and what is required for the digestion is digestive enzymes and stomach acid. He said that when one doesn’t have enough of any of these, the food then sits in stomach and continues sitting hour after hour and that’s when the stomach presses the button of return-to-the-sender.

This is the time when the stomach acid begins to squirt everywhere, causing pain, as it happens to be in wrong place, he says.

Remedy for a lot of people is taking medications to reduce or neutralize the stomach acid. This could bring relief when taken for one day or 2 or a week and wouldn’t probably cause any harm but use of such medications for many months or year could be the cause of serious problems as the body requires stomach acid to properly digest food. Loss of the bone density and poor nutrition could be the consequences.

He says that even taking the calcium antacids could be quite risky.He also says that there is much risk of heart attack with the use of antacids and that calcium shouldn’t itself be taken and it includes the calcium antacids.Antacids containing mix of magnesium, vitamin D and Calcium are better choices.

In order to help in avoiding indigestion totally, he advises to take digestive enzyme that is plant-based, like Digest Gold along with meals.

Dr. Teitelbaum considers food processors to be the culprit for indigestion and all of which destroy the enzymes that ripen food for prolonging shelf life.

Therefore, he says, everyone looks at the things like ear of the corn, where shelf life tends to be 5 days, or the corn flakes for which shelf life tend to be 5 millennia, so such foods with enzymes destroyed happen to be indigestible and cause indigestion. Further, he strongly suggests taking a plant-based enzyme for digestion with the meals which will help digestion quite a lot.

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