A career test is extremely valuable to any company. It tells exactly what the ideal career path is for specific employees or job applicants. In this respect, The Bridge Career is the most versatile career test available. But before we go into what this career test entails, it is useful to take a closer look at the concept itself.

What Is A Career Test?

career test

A career test is an assessment that determines which job best suits a particular individual. It provides insight into an optimal career path.

Each individual has specific qualities. It is then very useful to let these specific qualities come to the fore in an optimal way. This is only possible when an employee is in the right place within a company. When he or she carries out tasks that he or she is actually good at.

For a company, a career test, therefore, offers a lot of clarity. It provides an extensive insight into the talent that is present within the organization. Based on this, it is possible to determine what constitutes good career guidance. For example, are there many people who are not quite in the right place within the organization? And would a different arrangement perhaps be more convenient for getting the most out of the staff?

Why Opt For A Career Test?

Career Test

As a company, you opt for a career test, mainly to gain more insight into the qualities of the staff. You look at things like development opportunities, career advice, reintegration, and outplacement. All in all, it provides data that allows the entire organization to work a lot more effectively.

More specifically, there are sufficient reasons to choose The Bridge Career as a career test. This test adds some unique elements to the concept in order to maximize the chances of success. These include:

  • Based on scientific research: The Bridge Career was developed with the help of the University of Utrecht. This makes it a test based on scientific research. This is also reflected in the use of specific scientific models. The RIASEC codes of Holland and the career anchors of Schein are central to this. They contribute enormously to establishing a clear picture.
  • Very comprehensive: At the same time, we are talking about the most comprehensive career test available in the Netherlands. The research goes into great detail to achieve the most reliable results. For this, the aforementioned models are combined with extensive research and far-reaching expertise. Together they contribute to the most thorough career test possible.
  • Only takes 35 min: Despite its comprehensive nature, The Bridge Career career test takes only 35 minutes to complete. Thus, minimal time is lost in finding out the relevant information. Moreover, the final report is immediately available upon completion. This is the great advantage of an online test. Within 35 minutes the test is not only finished, but the results are already clear.
  • Available in English: A nice extra is that this career test is also available in English. Not every employee or job applicant within a company uses Dutch as their first language. By making the test also available in English, it is more applicable. For every employee within every international organization, The Bridge Career provides a clear result within a short period of time.

Order The Career Test Today

What Is A Career Test

Would you like to test specific employees or job applicants on their specific qualities with regard to their careers? Then it is possible today to use The Bridge Career as a career test and to draw specific conclusions from the results. Let everyone within the organization work to his or her strengths with the right information. The favorable price makes this an attractive step for just about every organization.

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