One jury has started deliberations during trial of murder of watchman of Florida neighbourhood who shot a black 17 years of age last year and who was unarmed.

Judge told 6-women panel that they should consider whether 29 years old George Zimmerman acted in the self-defence as well as with deadly force’s justifiable use.

Earlier, the lawyer he had said that he proved his client’s innocence in death of Trayvon Martin.

But the prosecutors said that the accused told many lies.

Mr Zimmerman can be acquitted, even convicted of 2nd-degree murder and manslaughter.Jurors adjourned from 1st day of the deliberations this Friday after they requested list of the evidence from judge. They would return for 2nd day of the deliberations this Saturday.

After twelve days of the testimony from many witnesses, jury needs to see who happened to be at fault during fatal incident on night of 26th February, 2012 while Martin was walking from one shop to home of the fiancée of his father in one gated community at Florida, Sanford.

Not away from Magic Kingdom one spectacle quite riveting like a Walt Disney could’ve put together tends to be playing out. The 6-woman jury is there, ready to come to a decision regarding outcome of the case.

This shooting brought forward issues that previously were simmering beneath surface, like gun  & racial profiling.

Community leaders and police appealed for peace even before the verdict, though if George Zimmerman gets acquitted, there is every chance that the objections which occurred before his arrest would be repeated.

Mark O’Mara, the defence lawyer told sequestered jury on Friday while giving closing arguments that guilt of Mr Zimmerman was not proven beyond any reasonable doubt. Mark O’Mara said that shooting was purely for self-defence.

According to him,the defendant didn’t show any ill will, spite or hate during the incident with Martin.

Also, Mr O’Mara challenged jury that it should think regarding what was being done by Martin for 4 minutes – after one friend on phone asked him to just start running, though before he was in front of Mr Zimmerman.

Defence lawyer did fall silent for 4 minutes, and also said that the teen spent that time in planning the attack rather than returning home.

According to Mr O’Mara, aggressor happened to be Martin who was the one who decided against going home when there was a chance.To sum up, a slideshow was used by him, animation of fight and the cut-outs of cardboard of Martin and Mr Zimmerman.

In the rebuttal, John Guy, the prosecutor argued that repeatedly Mr Zimmerman lied in the statements regarding shooting.

Account of Mr Zimmerman regarding how he did grab the gun from holster from his waist while teenager straddled Mr Zimmerman tends to be physically impossible, according to the prosecutor.

Mr Guy said,

“The defendant didn’t shoot Trayvon Martin because he had to – he shot him because he wanted to. That’s the bottom line.

“Isn’t that every child’s worst nightmare, to be followed on the way home in the dark by a stranger? Isn’t that every child’s worst fear?”

Prosecution suggested that Mr Zimmerman assumed teen who was African-American and wearing hooded sweatshirt while walking in rain, wasn’t up to any good.

Though, defence says that their client was punched by Martin who slammed his client’s head on the pavement, then reached for the gun that Mr Zimmerman had.The accused, being armed with pistol legally, was sitting in vehicle he had on the dark street at the time he looked at Martin.

Mr Zimmerman called the police for reporting suspicious person but then he came out of his vehicle for the teenager’s apparent pursuit.Shortly after that, Martin got killed of gunshot wound at his chest.

Defendant, who appears to identify himself to be a Hispanic, can face life prison if he is convicted on murder charge and if found to be guilty of any manslaughter, he can face around thirty years in the prison.

The previous year, this case brought with it peaceful mass protests across US, with the critics inquiring that why did it take the police 6 weeks to have Mr Zimmerman arrested.

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