Florida is a massive state with a high quality of life. Its communities are safe, the unemployment rate is low, and it has accessible amenities. However, the state can be expensive to live in.

If you are looking for cheap houses for sale in Florida, you’ve come to the right place. There are dozens of cheap places to live in Florida that offer the amenities of a more expensive location. Read on to learn more about the cheapest places to live in Florida and why you should move there.

Cape Coral

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Located in the southwestern part of Florida, Cape Coral is near Fort Myers, and this city is popular for its Waterfront Wonderland. Cape Coral is an affordable place to live, with a population of 175,000. Despite its affordability, the low crime rate makes it a safe place to live.

Cape Coral has low utility prices, housing expenses, healthcare, and taxes. The median household income in Cape Coral is around $50,000, and the median home value at $230,000. Also, Cape Coral has an extensive canal system. Hence, living on the water is more affordable for the average homeowner.


Next is the unique town of Dunedin, popular for its charming and relaxing lifestyle. Located on the northwest coast of Florida, Dunedin is a small beach town you can settle. It has a low cost of living, low crime rate, and average job prospects.

The downtown Dunedin area can be expensive, but its outskirts are one of the cheapest in Florida. There are many affordable condos to rent, and you could get a good deal to buy a house. The median home value in Dunedin is $157,000, while the median household income is $46,000.


Kissimmee is a cheap place to live, yet, a stone’s throw away from Disneyworld and Universal Studios. It is a large city and the county seat of Osceola County. Kissimmee has many attractions without the stress of pushing through Orlando traffic.

If you need to work in the city, Kissimmee is an excellent place to live and commute to work. You can expect to pay about $1000 for a one-bedroom apartment. And the median cost of a home in Kissimmee is about $250,000.


Gainesville is home to Santa Fe College and the University of Florida. It is a large city located in Alachua County, north of Orlando, and it features several family-friendly attractions without breaking the bank. Gainesville is the ideal destination for you if you are searching for an affordable big-town feel.

The cost of living in Gainesville is 2% lower than the national average. The average monthly rent here is about $1,200. However, the average median home listing in Gainesville is approximately $183,000. Groceries are expensive, considering the median income in Gainesville is $32,000.

Homosassa Springs

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Located in southern Citrus County, Homosassa Springs is an unincorporated community. It has a population of 13,791 and is a perfect location for anyone who prefers a more rural area with a bit of solitude. Its proximity to other towns makes Homosassa Springs one of the best cheap places to live in Florida. You can expect to pay about $875 for a one-bedroom apartment. Or if you want to buy a house, the average median cost of a home is about $245,000.


The city of Titusville is the county seat of Brevard County. Located along the Indian River and west of Merritt Island, Titusville is the principal city of Palm Bay. Titusville has a median income of $40,000 and a median home value of $160,800.

The top employers in Titusville are SpaceX and NASA due to its proximity to Cape Canaveral. Titusville is also an ideal location for people who enjoy taking cruises. Other popular activities in Titusville include golfing, kiteboarding, surfing, skydiving, etc.

Plant City

Plant City, known as the winter strawberry capital of the world, is located northeast of Hillsborough County and has a 28.43 square mile area. It hosts the Florida Strawberry Festival every march, which runs for 11 days. This festival attracts tourists from the state and draws big names in entertainment.

Plant City is an affordable place to live, with a median home value of $193,000. However, the median income is around $46,000.



Another city worth looking into is on the Atlantic coast in Melbourne, and it offers easy access to Cape Canaveral and is an hour from Orlando. Like most cities in Florida, Melbourne is a town that has a thriving local population.

Although the median age of Melbourne residents is 45, the city has recently experienced significant growth in younger residents in the past decade. The median income in Melbourne is $40,000, and the median home price is $195,000.


Florida is one of the fastest-growing states in the US. The state adds over 300,000 new residents annually, an average of 821 people daily. Although things can be expensive in this state, there are plenty of affordable places to live in Florida.

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