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The Common Types of Ceiling Fans Explained

Are you in the market for a new ceiling fan? If you’re looking to outfit your home with a new fan or you’re simply curious to learn more, it’s wise to investigate the different types of ceiling fans.

Want to learn more about them? Keep reading to find out what types of ceiling fans you should be considering!

Standard Fans Are Always a Good Bet

Standard fans are the most common type of fan you’ll find in a room. Usually, they include 3 to 5 blades and a light attached to the center. They are a no-frills option that will get the air circulating in your space.

Why are these fans so popular? Standard ceiling fans are available in a variety of colors and styles that can suit any home or office. They also are a more cost-effective way to keep your home cool!

Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fans Offer Convenience

As you might have guessed, these fans can be operated by remote control. This is a handy feature to have if your fan is mounted to a high ceiling in a living room or auditorium.

You can use the remote to change up the speed or direction of the blades, and you can use it to dim the lights. If you’re worried about losing the remote or simply want another way of changing the settings, most of these fans are compatible with a wall-mounted control, too.

Types of Ceiling Fans Also Include Smart Fans

That’s right — you can use a voice service to communicate with your fan. And you can own a fan that is sensitive to room temperature and knows when it’s time to turn on. All of this is included in a smart fan.

Smart fans are a great addition to your living room since you literally can call the shots on what your fan does. With an Alexa ceiling fan, you can use voice command as a way to communicate a command to it.

Don’t Overlook Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Of all the ceiling fan types, this might be the most surprising since it is installed outside. But while it may sound strange to hook up a ceiling fan outside, outdoor ceiling fans can be a really helpful feature in a warm or humid climate.

These fans will create air movement in stagnant spaces and ultimately make your gathering on the back porch a lot more comfortable.

Twin-head Ceiling Fans Provide the Coolest Air

Yes, these fans provide cool air while looking cool! Also known as twin motor fans, these products let you control not just one but two sets of blades.

The result is you get incredible air movement and the ability to make subtle adjustments to blade speed. With these fans, be aware that because of the placement of the blades on the sides, the fans will push the air outward.

The Bottom Line

Ceiling fans are an effective way to keep your home cool during the warm and muggy summer months. With so many types of ceiling fans to choose from, you can cut down on air conditioning costs and find a stylish fan to complement your decor.

When you’re ready to learn more fresh tips to create the perfect lifestyle, check back for more great articles!

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