It doesn’t matter if you live in a house, apartment, or condo–you’re likely to have unwelcome visitors, often known as “pests.”

It seems slightly insulting to refer to pesky, undesirable guests as pests. Still, they can become a pain in the posterior (oops, there it is again).

To get rid of household pests, you must deal with the source and reduce opportunities for them to hang out in your home. Keep reading to learn more about the most common types of pests found in and around homes.


Finding the Best Professional Pest Control Company

Ants enter homes due to the availability of food, water, shelter, and optimal temperatures. Ants can be a nuisance and a health hazard, as they spread bacteria, contaminate food, and bring other pests into the home.

Ants can also cause structural damage by burrowing in walls. To prevent ants from becoming a problem, it is important to seal off entry points, such as doors, windows, and cracks in walls.


Cockroaches are especially active in the dark, as they are nocturnal pests. They can fit into small spaces thanks to their flat, segmented bodies, making them difficult to spot and remove.

Roaches feed on various materials and are especially attracted to food waste and crumbs. Cockroaches can spread disease, contaminate surfaces, and infest food and clothing, making it important to address a cockroach problem as soon as possible.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small, reddish-brown insects visible to the naked eye, although they can often be confused with other insects. They feed on human and animal blood and are most active at night.

Bed bugs can be difficult to detect, but several signs of infestation can help detect their presence. These signs include spotting dark spots on mattresses and upholstered furniture, little disks of shed skin, and a musty smell in the bedroom. If you find the slightest of these signs, contact aΒ bed bugs pest controlΒ company as soon as possible.


Fleas can cause a lot of nuisance and can be difficult to eliminate completely. They live on cats, dogs, and rodents and feed off their blood.

Fleas are small and wingless and have a powerful jumping ability that enables them to move quickly from host to host. They can live on carpets, bedding, furniture, and floors and can lay up to 500 eggs during their lifetime.



Termites are small insects that feed on wood, which can quickly cause a large amount of damage to the structure of homes. For this reason, they are considered one of the most destructive pests.

Depending on the severity of the infestation, it can take anywhere from several hours to a couple of days to fully rid your home of termites. This includes sealing up any holes or cracks in your foundation, removing any standing water, and treating the affected area with insecticide.

Learn the Different Types of Pests

In summary, common types of pests in homes range from large mammals to tiny bugs. Proper pest prevention and control measures, such as maintenance and cleaning, are key to keeping these pests from becoming a nuisance.

Using pest control methods may be necessary to getting rid of pests effectively. Contact a local pest removal specialist if you need help eradicating pests for a pest-free home.

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