There are over 13.5 million trucks on the road at any given time in the United States, but not all trucks are built the same. While certain trucks will favor torque and towing power, others will focus on fuel efficiency while still giving the utility that comes with a truck. With electric trucks planning to launch in the coming years, we may see this area of automobiles continue to expand.

Here are the different types of trucks that you can buy.

Full-Size Pickup Trucks

Full-Size Pickup Trucks

The full-size pickup truck options are extensive. These will make up the bulk of all trucks that are currently on the road in America, as they’re the most versatile and offer a great introductory price.

Trucks in this field can range anywhere from a Ford F-150 up to a diesel heavy RAM 3500. It all comes down to the number of people you’re going to carrying as well as the amount of towing you’re going to need to do.

If you decide to go with a diesel truck from the full-size category, then be sure to check out Stealth Performance Products. They offer computer modules that can help tackle torque and fuel efficiency. All while staying within emission guidelines.

Midsize Pickup Trucks

Midsize pickup trucks focus more on the looks of a truck, fuel efficiency, and still adding in towing power, just not as much. These trucks will include the Toyota Tacoma or the Ford Ranger.

These kinds of trucks will be perfect when you need to go camping or off-roading, as they’re great for throwing your gear into the back of the truck. Because they’re not as big, they can maneuver around better off-road and get through tight spaces easier.

Electric Pickup Trucks

Electric Pickup Trucks

The truck scene is not left behind when it comes to the future of electric vehicles. Companies like Ford are working on their all-electric F-150 that has boasted of being able to pull over a million pounds (even though it was on train tracks).

The Tesla Cybertruck is set to release this year, featuring a futurist design that focuses more on style and mileage, rather than towing power. The Cybertruck plans to launch with a tri-motor option that has the ability to travel over 500 miles on a single charge.

GMC even relaunched their Hummer brand with the Hummer EV. This rebrand focus on bringing the eye-catching nature of the hummer and pair it with off-roading, utility, and towing power.

Choose Out of These Types of Trucks for Your Next Vehicle

Choose Out of These Types of Trucks for Your Next Vehicle

Now that you know about the different types of trucks, pick the one that fits your lifestyle the best. If you’re someone that needs towing power but versatility, check out the mid-size pickup truck options. For those that want to go green while staying tough, then check out the electric options coming out.

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