Buying a bong is an important moment for a weed-lover so you must cover all ground before making your next investment. And with so many options on the market, it’s overwhelming.

And what the heck does a ‘percolator’ mean anyway?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here’s our guide to buying your next bong.

First, What is a Bong?

You may wonder what classifies as a bong or “what does a bong look like?”

A bong is a method of smoking, or dabbing, that uses water to cool and detoxify inhales. There are many bong types that cover every shape and size which is great because you can find one to match your personal needs.

The Different Types of Bongs

The three many variations of bong include straight tube, beaker bongs, and recycler.

Straight tubes accumulate dense smoke and clear quickly. Beaker bongs have a bigger volume and less dense smoke which means you’ll need bigger rips to clear.

Another good bong is the recycler which is used for smoking concentrates while recycling the water. The first two types, though, are perfect for beginners.

Buying a Bong: Consider Your Lifestyle

To find the best type of bong, you must think about your environment. Is your pad the place to be on a Saturday with lots of random guests? Or are you a parent with young kids at home?

If you live in a party house, chances are you may want a cheaper bong. And if you’ve got pets or children running around, you may want a bong that’s sturdier and one that’s easy to store.

Also, if you’re always on the go, you may want a smaller bong so it’s easier to carry around.

Think About Material

Whether it’s a simple bong or an outlandish one, what it’s made out of will affect your smoke session. For example:


This is a classic and if you want a sturdy one, consider thicker glass. Glass doesn’t dilute the flavor and can accommodate many add-ons to improve your smoke.

Glass bongs can also be simple or elaborate and as there are so many on the market, it’s easy to find your perfect one.

Ceramic Bongs

Depending on their build, ceramic bongs can be sturdy or delicate. They come in an array of unique shapes and decor which is perfect if you hope to make a statement as you smoke.

One downfall is that you can’t see the bong water in most ceramic bongs which can be annoying when setting up.

Plastic or Bamboo

Although not as popular, plastic bongs are a good option if you’re on the road often and want an easy-to-clean bong. You can also consider bamboo bongs as they come in many styles but you also can’t see the water on the bongs. Also, they eventually have to be replaced after a while.

Your bong choice will depend on whether you smoke legal dry herbs on concentrates. For example, legal herbs require a bowl which is a long stem that sits at a 45-degree or 90-degree angle.

Legal concentrates require a nail on a 90-degree angle stem. If you dabble with both, get a small or medium-sized glass bong so you can get a quartz banger attachment and swap between the two.

The Percolator

If you’ve been smoking for a while, you’ll have come across the word “percolator” or “perc”. In case you’re unsure what it is, know that the goal of smoking out of a bong is to make the process feel smooth.

The percolator does this by cooling down the smoke and providing premium filtration. When looking at percolators, look at the smoothness it gets from filtration and how much drag it gives from smoking through the tiny holes.

You don’t have to get a bong with one but many smokers prefer it. When buying, try not to get a bong with too many percolators as it will create more drag and make it harder for you to clear the chamber.

Many bongs have built-in ones such as:

  • Honeycombs: Great filtration with minimal drag
  • Tree: Same as the above, another popular option
  • Shower heads: Mediocre filtration, smoothness, and drag
  • Inlines: Good filtration and average drag (great for dab rigs)
  • Turbines: Average filtration and more drag

Cleaning Your Bong

When buying your bong, you must consider how much cleaning it will need. Eventually your bong will get filled with tar and smoke residue so it’s important to clear it out.

It’s easier to clean a simple bong with no percolators but if you choose one with a percolator then it will be harder, so it’s advised to buy one with at ash-catcher so it’s easier to clean.

Heavy smokers should change their bong water and clean every one or two days. Whereas casual smokers, unsure when they’re going to smoke again, should clean their bong after every use.


These many add-ons you can use to customize your bong. For example, a splashguard blocks dirty bong water from getting into your mouth and an ice pinch holds ice to cool the smoke down. If you’re keen to show your love for weed, shop here for killer threads.

Now It’s Time to Smoke!

There are many things to consider when buying a bong such as how often you’ll use it, your lifestyle, and which material you prefer. Glass tends to be the most popular as you can see the bong water and it’s a clear smoke. Many smokers love a percolator too.

You can also splurge on add-ons to make your perfect bong. For example, an ash-catcher makes cleaning much easier which may be attractive if your bong has multiple percolators. Happy smoking!

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