The Complete Guide to Choosing a Car Wrap: Everything to Know

Have you been thinking about getting a car wrap lately? Did you know that the car wrap industry is actually valued at over $4 billion? That’s because car wraps can give you a large return on your investment!

If you are ready to get into the industry, you may be overwhelmed by how many options you have! Well, keep reading to learn more about choosing a car wrap!

Reflect Your Brand

When choosing from multiple car wrap design ideas, you don’t want to choose one that has nothing to do with your brand. It should reflect your personal branding such as having the same colors, a similar design, and similar font.

You can even include your logo in the car wrap design!

With so many wrap colors and graphics to choose from, you should not have an issue reflecting your brand.

If you are doing a car wrap simply for yourself, your brand is what you want it to be! Read more here.

Bold the Typeface

No matter what font you use, you’ll want to bold it when you put it on the car wrap.

This will make it stand out for anyone who is trying to read it from a distance or while driving. Making them work to read it won’t help your case when it comes to advertising purposes.

Consider the Finished Look

When it comes time to get a car wrap, you want to take the entire thing into consideration, not just parts of it. In reality, it’s a wrap, not a flat piece of paper. Because of this, there will be different pieces of it that are seen from different angles.

With that in mind, you need to choose car wrap options that have the best advertising format. For instance, it may be best to put the call to action or phone number on the back of the vehicle so that someone following has time to see it. The sides are less important, but should have graphics that stand out.

Remember That Less Is More

When it comes to designing anything, especially a car wrap, less is more.

You do not want to overstuff the design or the space because you need people to see what you put on the wrap. Since they are most likely driving, there needs to be clear information, more space, and brighter lines to make this as easy as possible.

Focus Mostly on Graphics

While you may be enticed to write a lot of things for more information, the vehicle wrap should be more to grab someone’s attention. Once you have their attention, they can look you up or call the number or visit the website you put on the wrap.

However, the graphics are what will stand out to grab their attention in the first place!

Tips for Choosing a Car Wrap

Whether you are choosing a car wrap for branding purposes and as a marketing technique or just want a cool car, there are a few things you should know. This article covered them all!

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