By definition, assault is any threat or attempt to strike a person. This is the case no matter if there is contact or not during the assault. As long as the intent is there and the victim is aware of that intent, it’s assault.

The different types of assault are linked to various situational experiences and results. In some cases, crimes and offenses thought to be assault are not.

Familiarize yourself with the different types of assault and the separation between each.

1. Felony Assault

Felony Assault

Felony assault is the result of an attack or an attempt to attack a person that has caused an injury of any kind. In this type of assault, the weapon used is an important piece to the puzzle.

This type of unlawful attack happens when an individual uses some form of force or violence.

An assault on someone else’s property might result in that individual recovering some of the cost of the damages. If you’re wondering how do I sue my landlord, take the time to consider the process of a lawsuit.

2. Simple Assault

Simple assault is a lot like it sounds. In this type of assault, a weapon isn’t used and the result of the injuries to the individual are minor in nature.

This is a lesser degree of assault and in most cases determined to be a misdemeanor. The threat of more serious injury is enough to make this a worthy offense.

3. Aggravated Assault

An aggravated assault has a direct correlation to the use of a weapon or an increased amount of force in the assault.

Aggravated assault causes serious injuries by way of a deadly weapon. This is most often knives, bats, guns, or something that can cause a significant or permanent injury.

Any form of assault on a public officer is also considered a felony even if minor issues are sustained.

4. Types of Assault Sexual in Nature

Types of Assault Sexual in Nature

There are three different levels of determining sexual assault.

Simple sexual assault is forcing an individual to take part in any form of sexual activity without their consent. As the assault progresses down the list, the introduction of weapons and extra force is evident.

Sexual assault with a weapon occurs when the individual uses any weapon to threaten or result in injury. This is not the same as aggravated sexual assault.

Aggravated sexual assault occurs when the victim is wounded, beaten, or even killed as the result of a sexual assault. Aggravated sexual assault is still a charge for people who are married, intoxicated, have a previous sexual history, and don’t provide consent.

There are a variety of sexual violence occurrences. These are only a few of the most common.

Familiarize Yourself

Breaking down the types of assault is important if you’ve ever been a victim. In some instances, assault can be rather harmless. Other times it can take a life away too soon.

Make sure you’re familiarizing yourself with these basic definitions and other helpful information. Keep reading our blogs for updated news and guides like this.

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