If you have been considering the option to buy 3D Printer in the near future, you may be wondering: what do I need to know before I actually make my purchase? And how much does a 3d printer cost? Thankfully, the work has been done for you. The following are the most essential dos and donts you need to consider when you are buying a printer with 3d technology.

Do: Know what you want to make with your machine before buying

Before you decide on a printer, you need to think about what you want to make with it. There are many different printer models out there and not all of them are suited to making the same things. For instance, if you want to make objects with a certain size, you’ll need to make sure the machine is capable of creating objects of that size; for instance, some machines have a smaller footprint and can only make small objects.

Don’t: Buy a novelty machine if you want to create a wide variety of objects

You shouldn’t buy a novelty printing machine if you intend to create a wide variety of objects or you know you want objects which are of a higher quality. Novelty printing machines, such as those designed to only print specific things or similar objects such as printing pens, are best suited for specific tasks or occasional use. They are not best when you have a variety of objects to make or you intend to use them as part of your everyday routine, such as bowls or stands.

Do:  Price compare among different shops

If you’re looking for the best cheap 3D Printer, you will need to take the time to compare prices across different shops. You will find that some shops offer better prices than others, such as dibbsto.co.uk, which has a range of different printing products that suit various budgets.

Don’t: Buy a printer without consulting buyer’s guides

If you want to buy a specific model, never buy it “blind.” Always check out buyer’s guides and buyers reviews to get a better idea of the overall quality of the machine. Reading other people’s thoughts and reviews will give you a decent idea of how the machine is perceived by those who have already used it.

Do: Make sure you buy enough material for your creations

This is an important “do”: you can’t make objects without printing material! So make sure you have enough material on hand for your creations, unless you want to have to stop the process and wait for material to be delivered.

Don’t: Try to use the machine without reading instructions

It can be tempting to jump right into printing, but you need to take the time to read the instructions for the machine as well as for whatever modeling program you are going to use.

Do: Be creative and have fun!

Most importantly: have fun with your new technology! The sky is the limit and you should let yourself explore and be creative.

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