Many huge rallies of opponents and of the Egypt’s ousted president are still continuing in the night. In Alexandria, 5 people got killed.

In what appeared as a strength trial, supporters of the ousted president filled streets around one mosque located in Cairo for condemning the army for his removal.

Army supporters also converged at Tahrir Square, only some miles away.

The president currently is in a detention, blamed of conspiring along with Palestinian group of militants, Hamas.

Earlier in this week, Gen Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the army chief, urged the people that they should take to streets for give military some mandate for army’s intervention in removal of Mr Morsi as well as establishing the interim government.

From the time Me Morsi got ousted on July, 3rd, dozens died in the clashes between opponents and his supporters. The militants also have staged some deadly attacks within peninsula of Sinai.

According to reports, 5 people died, with at least nineteen injured as the clashed started between the rival demonstrators who were in second city of the country, Alexandria.

Many injured are reported of suffering from the gunshot wounds during the fight, which began as Sisi and Morsi supporters confronted one another after the Friday prayers of Muslims.

As the darkness fell, the street battles continued as the police strived to contain violence with the help of tear gas.

11 people in Cairo were injured during clashes between the rival groups which were in Shubra district of the capital. The violence also seems to have involved throwing of stones.

Square is full of tens of people who are in jubilant, boisterous mood, saluting the low-flying helicopters of army with laser pens of green color and letting the fireworks off.

A big crowd of the Morsi supporters did fill the streets around the mosque, Rabaa al-Adawiyal, in Cairo, where they were holding protest by a sit-in.

They chanted, “Sisi out”, “Down with army!”, “Morsi is the president.”

It is said that mood among Morsi supporters, who are around mosque, is calm and the stewards are searching demonstrators for ensuring that no weapons were brought to rally.

The Ousted President of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, is held for allegations of having links with Hamas, the Palestinian militants and for plotting attacks over the jails in 2011 uprising which overthrew the former President, Mr Hosni Mubarak.

He would get questioned for initial period of 15 days, according to one judicial order.

This order which issued this Friday is 1st official statement regarding judicial status of Mr Morsi since he overthrown along with placed in the custody at some undisclosed location.

Judicial order also says that former president happens to be suspected of having conspired with Hamas that governs Gaza Strip along with having strong assoication with Muslim Brotherhood of Mr Morsi, during uprising against the former President Hosni Mubarak.

Mr Morsi is accused that he colluded with Hamas to storm the jails and police stations, setting a prison to fire and enabling the inmates to go away, including himself, along with premeditated soldiers, officers and prisoners’ killings.

Mr Morsi as well as many leaders of Muslim Brotherhood got freed during breakout at one Cairo prison during January 2011.

It is said that the order does provide legal cover regarding continued detention during this time when Western powers and UN are calling that Mr Morsi should be properly charged or released.

Gehad el-Haddad, one spokesman for Muslim Brotherhood, described that the accusations were “ridiculous”. Also, he told that this order marked return of “old regime”.

The Palestinian group itself said that there wasn’t any evidence of Hamas’ involvement in prison break.

It was in the presidential elections of June 2012 that Mr Morsi won narrowly though his opponents did accuse him of attempting to impose Islamist agenda over the country.

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