The reason why we have numerous choices of transportation vehicles nowadays is because of the advancement of technology. Everything becomes possible with modern mechanization. The problem is, how can we come out with the best vehicle option? Like the choice between electric bikes and motorbikes. How do we know which are more suitable for us?

To help you with that dilemma, here are some of the comparison of electric bikes and motorbikes with their benefits;

Differences Between Electric And Motor Bikes

The Speed

It is so obvious that electric bikes can’t compete with motorcycles when it comes to speed. The primary reason is the regulation that restricts the speed at which electric bikes assist the rider. Electric bikes are mandated by law to avoid delivering power until the bike hits a speed of 25kph. However, motorcycles do not pose under any restrictions and are legally authorized to achieve even higher speeds. If you’re aiming for a greater speed, then a motorcycle could be the best one for you.


Motorcycles, like cars, aim to drive without the physical effort of their drivers. In contrast, e-bikes allow you to choose between aided pedaling or a ride entirely powered by their engine.

It means that you can choose from two choices with e-bikes. You can either pedal the e-bike on your own or let the engine help you with the required force to move. The function also comes in “levels,” which means you can regulate how much assistance you get from the engine. This varies from no assistance at all to riding the e-bike as a regular motorcycle.



Initially, an electric bike could cost more than a fuel-powered one, but in the long run, you’re going to make enormous savings. The full cost of your motorcycle is much cheaper in energy bills than it will be in gas or diesel. On top of that, there are many government fees for taxation and other associated motorbike payments. So, while you may be spending more at the outset, you’ll quickly get this money back and carry on making big savings every year. In addition to that, because electric bikes are much easier to maintain and have just one moving part, you will also save money on repairs, services, and maintenance.

License Requirements

In most countries, electric bicycles are considered in the same manner as standard bicycles. The same rules apply, and e-bikes do not require a different license. There is no need to register your unit in the transportation office of your state. However, the rules for e-bikes in other countries are different. Make sure to check the license specifications in a particular region if you are planning to buy one.

On the other hand, motorcycle riders must hold a driver’s license to be eligible to drive the vehicle safely. Motorcycle riders are also required by law to wear a crash helmet at all times, and it is recommended to wear more safety gear such as protective clothing. The higher the speed that bikes are capable of, the higher chance of injuries.

Bike Maintenance

Electric bikes need less maintenance than motorcycles. Compared to a motorcycle, an electric bike has a moving component. There’s no fuel, no spark plugs, no air filters, no timing belts, and some hybrid bikes don’t even have a gearbox or clutch. In addition to that, according to Electric Bike Paradise, E-bikes battery technology is improving year by year. So you don’t need to worry about frequent charging or replacement for the storage battery.

Benefits of Electric Bikes

Benefits of Electric Bikes

  • Instant power and torque. With an immediate 100% torque, you get a fast acceleration that can’t equal the regular bikes. It’s lightweight. Electric bikes have fewer components than fuel-powered ones, making them lighter and more agile.
  •  It eliminates noise pollution. Electric bikes are much quieter than fuel-engined bikes.
  • It lets you pick between how much physical effort you want to make. This results in a healthier lifestyle.
  • It’s much more economical than a motorcycle. It takes just a few cents to get at least 20-30 miles, depending on the sort of energy you use.
  • It’s more environmentally friendly. With the drive, there are no carbon emissions. If you’re using clean energy, that’s much more significant.
  • It does not normally require registration or insurance charges to be paid.

Benefits of Motor Bikes

Benefits of Motor Bikes

  •  It allows you to drive without any physical effort. It’s like riding a car, just in the style of riding a bike.
  • It offers more mileage per tank. You also don’t have to wait longer than a few minutes to get the tank refilled, unlike charging an electric bike.
  • It’s faster than an e-bike.
  • It’s with an ignition lock. Few bikes often have a monitoring device mounted inside them. This makes it difficult to steal from the get-go.

All in all, both electric bikes and motorcycles have their own unique features and functionality. It just depends on the compatibility and preference of the rider to determine which are better. If you are into long and fast rides, then a motorcycle is for you. However, if you prefer an eco-friendly and convenient vehicle for a brief ride, then an electric bike is the best option for you.