Don’t want to shell out $50 to $150 for cable, satellite, or internet TV services? Who could blame you? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get free HD TV?

All TV used to be free. Like the air we breathe, the broadcast waves penetrated every corner of the city. Signals from the local TV channels to your living room brought hours of free entertainment, sports, and news for the whole family.

Then came along cable and satellite TV that promised better signal and more channels for a small monthly fee. Small slowly became big and now the average household pays around $100 a month for their TV fix.

What these companies would like you to forget is TV is still broadcast free through the air in every major city around the world. With new transmitting and receiving technology getting your TV for free is not anymore, necessarily, a compromise. Keep reading for details on how to get free HD TV.

The Days of Old

TV of the old days was purely advertising industry-driven. Sure our shows were interrupted by commercials but it seemed like a good trade for free TV. All you needed was a TV and antenna to receive the signals.

Adjustable TV antennas lovingly referred to as bunny ears, were on top of every TV set. The signals were not always strong and tuning in a clear picture took a little luck and skill manipulating the indoor TV antennas.

In the old days, TV was broadcast in analog signals. Analog waves were vulnerable to interference causing the “snowy screen” effect. This common annoyance of struggling to get a clear picture made cable TV all the rage when it came out.

Free HD TV

Now TV is broadcast with digital technology. All modern TVs come with a digital TV tuner built-in. Digital TV doesn’t suffer from the old analog issues. As long as you are able to get the signal the picture is always crisp and clear.

Most every TV channel broadcasts at least one HD digital signal. The good news is as long as you have an HD TV you will be able to tune in and receive free HD TV.

How to Receive HD TV for Free

All you need is an HD TV, a digital TV tuner, and a good antenna to pick up the signal. These days HD TVs are standard when buying a new TV. As mentioned before all modern TVs come with digital TV tuners built inside.

If you have an old TV, you can still receive digital signals and convert the signal to analog. You will need a digital analog modulator to do the job of converting the signal so your old analog TV can receive it.

The antenna grabs that digital signal out of the air. Not all antennas are the same, however. Some do the job better than others while some are not big enough to do the job at all. Depending on your location you may need a bigger antenna mounted to your roof to receive the signal.

Back to Free TV

Yes, free TV can provide the same high-quality signal as cable, satellite, and internet TV. Your TV is most likely ready to go. Just attach an antenna, unplug your cable or satellite receiver, and enjoy free HD TV as it should be.

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