All of us know that drinking and driving do not go hand in hand. As a matter of fact DUI laws, not only in the USA but all around the world, it is illegal to drive if you are drunk.  However, despite of the laws in place, a lot of people still don’t hesitate to drive when drunk.

The result is road mishaps and in the worst case, leads to severe injuries or even death(s). Therefore, it is understood why law so strongly advocates the strict enforcement of DWI/DUI laws. It should be understood that drunk driving may lead to life-long suffering and pain for involved families.

The Rules – When Can You be Charged with DUI Laws?

Whether you can be arraigned for drunk driving under influence depends on the two fundamental rules: First, the officer must have a plausible reason for halting and questioning you. Second, all around the country, you would be considered inebriated by law if the alcohol content in your blood (BAC) measures 0.08%.

While your erratic driving may not automatically amount to a violation of any law, but it may give the cops a good reason to stop you. Anonymous tips of your being under the probable influence can also lead the cops to stop and question you.

Drunk Cop Question

Even the faintest indication that you may be drunk can lead the cop questioning you to get you tested for sobriety and BAC. You may either have to undergo a blood test or “breathalyzer” test. In case of you refusing to undergo any test or requesting a special test, you would need to surrender your driving license.

The alcohol concentration in an individual’s blood depends on many different factors like metabolism, weight and the consumption rate. For the majority of us, one drink per hour or so will keep us under the legal limit. By one drink, we mean a can of beer or a small wine glass, etc will keep your well under the legal limit.

What If You Are Charged

While It is strongly recommended not to mix drinking and driving, what if you have been already convicted of DUI? What options do you have in that case?  A DUI is a serious offense that requires a skilled legal person to have your rights safeguarded. That’s why it is important to hire a DUI lawyer immediately to avoid major consequences.

There are many reasons to have a DUI attorney like Takakjian & Sitkoff, LLP, working hard for you. First hiring a DUI lawyer will put your mind at ease. Because many people don’t know about what to do with the charges imposed on them and also it’s unimaginable to face alone a situation like DUI arrest.  Since many traffic accidents and death are due to drunken

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