You think you are all prepared for the war? This year’s new variety of smartphones has started to make its way to the market. The first one  being the HTC One-a powerful, handsome set that is bound to perform very well in this year.

HTC One is included in the large camp of phones that are running the Android software by Google Inc. Together they serve as the alternatives for iPhone, but there hasn’t been one model that outsold the iPhone. The quality making HTC One stand out is that it is perhaps the only smartphone to match the standards associated with Apple Inc.

Like iPhone, HTC One acquires beautifully machined back of aluminum and also the front of aluminium. Again like iPhone, metal edges happen to be beveled. Metal and plastic are so finely joined together, that telling one from the other by feeling is very difficult.

Even though there are many features in HTC One that make it about parallel to the iPhone 5, yet one can never mistake telling HTC One as iPhone 5. For the beginners, it’s broader and taller by half inch and has a huge screen. Also, the phone is significantly thicker but that is cleverly concealed due to the narrow edges and bulging back. It is basically the bigger screen with which the Android phones encounter iPhone, that obviously leads to phones of bigger sizes but HTC One supports its bulk well.

The screen itself is quite amazing, with 1920 × 1080 pixels resolution, like you’d get on a TV set of 50-inch. For the detail given by HTC One, you’d probably have to line up about three iPhone 5s sideways. That doesn’t signify that the screen would be thrice as useful. The pixels are too small for the eye to take benefit of full resolution.

Below and above the screen, there are 2 speaker grilles. This means that while the phone is turned sideways for watching movie, without headphones, one gets the true stereo sound. Even the speakers are fantastic and pump deep sounds out.

In this smartphone, you cannot have the battery changed nor can you expand its memory with help of cards. This is much like iPhone again but contrary to the plastic back of Samsung that allows for memory cards and changing batteries.

The camera’s got some exciting features but results are not very good. It is a common concept that increasing camera sensor’s megapixel count doesn’t do a lot for the quality of image. Seems as if the camera and phone makers cannot stop the use of megapixel count like marketing tool, therefore megapixels have continued to increase. So HTC has decided to go against the trend, with a 4 megapixel resolution of camera sensor. It is not such a strong stand as  you aren’t actually told by HTC about the sensor of 4 megapixel.

HTC likes to call it Ultrapixel camera. The point is these sensor pixels tend to be double that of other phone cameras, that means these can accumulate more light. Per pixel more light would mean, in theory, better indoor pictures. Practically, images in low light were found better than in Android phones, yet nor as fine as from iPhone 5, which have high resolution. Images by HTC One in low-light aren’t that crisp but are comparatively less noisy.

One other hardware feature is infrared diode towards the top boundary. The phone is able to control the TV with its help but setting up its software is almost disheartening. One has got to select the channels provided by local cable from a list that has 1800+ channels. Even when it is set up, cable box’s DVR functions couldn’t be controlled with the phone. So thinking of HTC as remote’s replacement is not such a feasible option.

Another shortcoming associated to the phone is the one found in many other phones too including its competitors as Samsung. It’s difficult for it to leave the Android as it is so attempts are made to improve and then its own stamp is put on it.

This results in an awesome interface, with 4 home screens-all different from each other-from where the apps are launched. The ones who spend time in customizing it will really benefit from it but most of the people are not like that. They consider consistent and simple interfaces better. This is recognized by Google so the Android is kept simple relatively in its Nexus line. Samsung and HTC are quite firm in making things complex.

T-Mobile USA, Sprint Nextel and AT&T are bent upon starting sale of the phone in this month with the price of around $200 with two-year contract. No word has been received from Verizon yet.

If you happen to be searching for Android phone, then it is advisable to check HTC One out in some store. Samsung Electronics will definitely spend load on advertising as compared to HTC Corp., but it would do you good to take time out to get hold of an HTC One right away.

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