Many fraud filters have entered into the market and damaged the business of different companies. Though the companies like EBAY are trying to track these people down, but sometimes they fail. It is because the people doing frauds are much qualified and expert in this business such as Paypal fraud.

What About Paypal Fraud

They very artistically get the profits and give loss to the companies. PayPal is also working for tracking these people and all the policies made by them. For this they are busy in doing their work twenty hours a day. A lot of work is being done by them related to this task. Their focus is to find the culprits as soon as possible.

They have addressed it publicly that all the solutions have been made. They have told that the details have been found by us but still certain things have some issues. They guarantee that in upcoming months, this problem would be solved easily in Paypal frauds. They just need little time to prove their efforts and remove this activity.

Communication For Business Activities

Anuj Nayar who is the main owner of communication says that this thing has highly affected our business activities. All the operations are slowed down because of these kinds of acts.

The senior director has also stated that these frozen funds have created a bad image of their company. People need to understand them in this situation of business activities. He says that we are working here just to give benefit to the people. We are striving and doing our best to eradicate them from this problem.

It is all for their own benefit so no need to leave our services. Customers have been complaining about these issues since years and warned them.

Paypal fraud
Fraud of Paypal

If the company has issue related to your funds and have got fear of fraud policy they can freeze your funds. They have the full permission for doing this. If there is any risk they can freeze it for twenty one days.

Company Protection

If the case is very much serious they can even take hundred and eighty days. Nobody can say them anything as it is their right. In this way they can protect their company as well as their customers. People who belong to the business of product selling have to go through paper work.

They need to give their sales history. If you are organizing a conference or seminar then you will be free to sell your tickets and raise funds.

Bad Remarks for Paypal

People most of the times get offended and give bad remarks about Pay Pal like they show their anger in different blogs and give statements that Pay Pal sucks etc. A story related to all this is told by Nayar that once Lake who is the famous fiction writer raised Paypal fraud for the people suffering from cancer.

When he tried to use his Pay Pal account, he came to know that all of his funds are frozen and he needs to provide the proof. He became enraged and discussed this issue on the twitter. As a result Pay Pal allowed him to take the funds.

Same case happened with the Brook, who was raising funds for the printers. He found his account frozen. He asked the company that why this policy was not applied for the Lake. In such cases company decided to remain silent. The director said that is 2013 all such problems will be solved.

Security Features

Many security features are now enabled in the Pay Pal. Without going through them people cannot go further. They need to prove everything first. Their identity, their history and all the documents need to be proved by legitimate company. Other methods are also adopted by them.

They agree that the Paypal fraud raisers have to go through very strict rules but this is all they can do. Only this is the way they can keep their company safe. Through the going down business of Paypal many of their competitors have emerged. Among them Web Pay, Square, Google wallet and smart phone based system are the main and important ones.

Pay Pal owner says that they are not afraid to accept the challenges of these companies. They know this thing that they are in process of renewing in Paypal. He tells that soon they are going to come back in their original position and Gain Craker Barrel gift card.

Big changes are just on their way. They guarantee that same financial services would be provided without any delay. People will get to enjoy all the previous services within a short time. For this they just need to wait a little more.

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