The mobile gaming sector is constantly growing and is already the highest revenue earner in the gaming industry. It has replaced traditional PC and console gaming as a more convenient and casual entertainment source. But, as mobile gaming gets more popular with each passing year, this also leads to the big question – can mobile gaming completely replace traditional PC and console gaming and what can we expect from the gaming industry in the following years? Read this article and find out.

The Future is Here – Can Mobile Gaming Replace PCs and Consoles

The current State of the Mobile Market

The mobile gaming industry is standing at a more impressive position than ever this year, with more than 2 billion mobile gaming enthusiasts. There are thousands of types of online games, most of them free and only a tap away. This includes casual games, sports games, massive multiplayer games, but also online casino games, both free and real money ones.

The last type of online games is especially important in all of this, as there has been an exponential growth of online mobile casinos in the USA and all around the world. Online gambling has also taken over traditional land-based casinos in popularity, as there are even reputable authorities licensing these mobile casinos, allowing mobile casino players from the USA to browse through the best legal new jersey online casinos and play conveniently and safely online.

The financial and revenue numbers on their own are telltale signs that the gaming industry is becoming more oriented towards mobile players over consoles and desktop computers. How did this switch happen and why have mobile games become the most popular genre?

The biggest reason behind the massive popularity of mobile gaming is the fact that the gaming population has exploded in the last few years. This means that gamers haven’t really suddenly switched their gaming habits and all moved from PCs and consoles to mobile devices, but instead that there has been a huge spike of casual gamers who prefer playing on their mobile devices.

This spike has been aided by developers who have realised that mobile and tablet devices are very lucrative gaming platforms. More and more developers are jumping on this bandwagon and shifting their resources towards mobile gaming. There has even been some controversial news, such as the mobile-based Diablo Immortal game, Blizzard’s upcoming mobile instalment of their famous franchise, a game that brought up a lot of dust when it was announced.

Speaking of big game franchises, popular multiplayer games like Fortnite and PUBG are already playable on mobile, paving the way to other big franchises and companies to bring their games to mobile and tablet devices.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Gaming

The Future is Here – Can Mobile Gaming Replace PCs and Consoles

As we’ve mentioned before, the demographics of gamers has significantly changed over the last few years, and just like any other gaming platform, mobile gaming has its advantages and disadvantages.

Mobile Gaming Advantages

The main advantage of mobile games is the fact that they are very convenient and easy to access. You can install tons of games on your mobile or tablet device and enjoy good titles while at home or on the go. Many mobile games also provide players with opportunities to interact with people they share similar interests with.

Mobile Gaming Disadvantages

While very convenient and accessible to all mobile users, mobile games have some drawbacks compared to PC and console titles. The current level of mobile games still can’t go up against these two platforms, as PCs and consoles are capable of running bigger, more immersive, better-looking games with real storylines. Mobile games are designed to offer a simple and casual pastime suitable for all players.

How will Mobile Gaming Look in the Future?

With such great market potential, the question becomes – what will the mobile gaming market look like in the future? Nobody has expected mobile games to become so popular so quickly so it would be very difficult to predict how this mobile gaming trend will shape up. The popularisation of mobile gaming won’t lead to the demise of PC and console gaming although it can potentially affect the diversity and quality of games on these two platforms. For now, we can enjoy the best of both worlds and carefully observe what the future of gaming will bring us. For more information on the latest mobile gaming news, as well as all other tech-related topics, make sure to read our newest Internet and Tech articles.

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