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The Galaxy Note 8.0 By Samsung Takes The Mini Apple Ipad Head On

The 8.0 Galaxy Note by Samsung is a heavyweight compacted in a plastic, glistening package. It has come as quite a competition to the mini Apple iPad, with an additional $70, a rare device that costs more than any iProduct.

Traditional outsiders have dominated the market of middle-size tablets, first the 7-inch Fire by the retailer Amazon, then the giant Google software with Nexus 7. At around $200, Fire and Nexus 7 both presented budget introduction for the insanely popular iPad. Moreover, it was basically the touch available at an awesome price which established the market of mini-tablet.

Latest iPad mini by Apple has a screen of 7.9 inches and Apple’s power. Samsung made it a point to come forth fully armed.

As the Note 8.0 has arrived, Apple has found itself in an odd situation.  At the price of $400, that is an additional $70 in the iPad Mini’s price, Samsung has made its way to the top of hill with the tablet of 8 inches.

To justify the price, Samsung has tried its utmost to surpass Apple in most of the specifications that are quantifiable, like the 1280×800AMOLED screen and 1.6-GHz quad-core processor.

One thing you get to know while holding in hands the Samsung Note 8.0 is that it really does feel as an extraordinary tablet. Its weight and size are just too perfect. Screen is quite clear and crisp with colors pretty vibrant. Even signature accessory, the stylus, of this Note family is very subtle and solid at the same time, and also quite precise when need be.

Jelly bean, the latest Android version, is as a dream to Note 8.0, which has RAM of 2GB. Everything is very responsive and fast. The websites quickly load. The multimedia plays free of any hitch. The Android users might think this experience of set up to be familiar and only minutes are taken before the user is synced and all ready. The general customizability level of Android nowadays, with the sidebars and widgets, could make the OS X look like quite antiquated.

As is normally with Android and Samsung, superfluous functionality is in play which is more of clever maneuver than feature. This can change with the passage of time and there shouldn’t be any issue with risk taking. Generally, the core features of smartphone run swimmingly.

iPad mini is quite superior in one area though, that is battery life. It beats out the Note 8.0 of Galaxy by few hours, a fact that many reviewers have noted too. iPad mini out beats the Note by having a playtime of half a day as compared to six or seven hours of the Note.

The device comes in the company’s trademark plastic, though it doesn’t pose as a terrible drawback. It has lightweight and looks cheap compared to the refined Apple offerings. There is also this little flaw of the 5MP camera jutting out a bit, that denotes that the tablet does not totally lie flat on a surface.

If you happened to be present at the World Congress of Mobiles this year, you might have seen preview of this product used like a phablet, due to cellular antenna. With the eight inch real estate pushed to cheek, this made an awkward scene and the phone a poor one.

Fortunately, for those who are style conscious, such curiosity wouldn’t display itself for the American consumers like HSPA+ radios are left out towards this pond side. That means that Note 8.0 is much pure play compared to iPad mini that is also only Wi-Fi.

Fortunately, for the grace cognizant, this interested realism would not turn up for American customers because the HSPA+ radios have been leftward out on this value of the pond. it tells the Note 8.0 is more of clean play against the iPad mini, that is further Wi-Fi only.

Some details at $400 stuck out somewhat. But at the end, there is no doubt about this tablet being a wonderful one. The Note 8.0 would be released by about mid-April.

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