Sports betting is becoming, increasingly, a process that ordinary people are showing more of an interest in. As laws have been relaxed across a large proportion of the world and the USA in particular, it’s becoming common to switch on a sports podcast and hear the pundits talking about who’s going to win, who will have a big game, and these days, you’ll also hear them suggesting what the best bets are on a game or a competition. Sports betting is no longer a game for hardened gamblers; it’s now a pursuit enjoyed by sports fans all over.

If you’re looking at placing bets, it is of huge importance to have some self-imposed rules and to stick to them. And yes, we know that rules tend to come with exceptions, but this is not the time for gray areas. Below, we want to look at the black-and-white rules of betting that will allow you to have the best possible time without it ever turning over into something more stressful.

Don’t “Reach” For Something To Bet On

Make Sure You Understand Your Bets

Just because you’re open to betting, that doesn’t mean you always have to bet. What we mean by this is specifically that if there is a time or day on which you would normally place a bet, you should feel free to give it a miss if there’s nothing you really want to bet on. If you’d normally bet on an afternoon game in the NFL each Sunday, but you can’t see value in any of the games, don’t make a bet you’re not in love with just because there’s nothing else. Keep your money, inform yourself by reading useful information like the latest gambling news in Ontario, wait for a better opportunity, and watch the games without the irritation of having made an unsatisfactory wager.

Don’t Place Parlays

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You may be thinking “is this really a hard-and-fast rule? Never place parlays?”. The answer is yes, never. You may be looking at a parlay that looks so tempting, that could give you a huge payout for a modest stake, and asking “Why not?”. The truth is that there is a reason parlays have long odds – they’re unlikely to come off. Do you think the sportsbook is giving you the chance to win big money because they like the cut of your gib? No, it’s because they want you to make this bet, which is vanishingly unlikely to come off. All a parlay needs is for one part of it to fall flat, and you walk away with nothing. Spread your budget around yes/no bets, rather than one that relies on four or five yesses.

Don’t Bet On Your Team

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There’s really nothing to be gained by betting on a team you’d usually be cheering for. If they lose, an already negative situation is made worse. If they win, you can get into all sorts of mind games such as feeling like you have to honor a streak by betting on them next time. All sports fans are a little superstitious, and while it’s one thing not to shave during the playoffs or to always make the same order at the ice cream parlor on game day, sports betting should never be clouded with superstition. You have to remain clear-headed, so keep your team out of your bets.

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