Last year was not without its twists and turns for the HTC. The beginning indicated a marvelous year for the company since it blew the charts of with its launch of HTC One X. It was a cell which was praised for its features but the rest of the year was pretty slow for the company and it was looking like it needed a break or a huge hit. Recently there is a leak from HTC for its latest model HTC M7. Generally the leaks make the surprise of the new model worthless but the new leak is being considered as just what the HTC required for the publicity.

The leak has raised the level of curiosity in the public since the major change which the leaked pics have revealed is the removal of the iconic clock of HTC. The style of the clock is digital and it is not in the calendar typical style of the oversize HTC clock. The rest of the body is no surprise since it is having the same style LCD of the HTC which is a little bulging even from the edges representing the high quality of the gorilla glass touchscreen.


The back of the cell gives the same finished look with a black rubbery surface. The surface is smooth with one camera lens and a flash lens near the upper region while the HTC logo is right in the middle. At the bottom of the surface there is the speaker surface. The cell gives a big look with an LCD greater than 4 inches and to be exact it is a 4.7 inch screen. So far by the looks of it HTC M7 is the best what we can get in a touch screen cell phone in looks. The cell is black, graceful and the change in its home screen takes the look to a complete new level.

Apart from looks there are other leaks related to the set but they are not confirmed since they cannot be seen in the pics. The resolution of the screen is 1080p which means that the cell phone will be offering some amazing graphics. The processor of the new upcoming cell phone I 1.7 GHz Qualcomm processor which means that this baby is going to be one of the most fluent and flawless. The skin is OEM specific custom drive Android. The pane widget feature is rumored to be just like what the Windows live pane offer.

All of this information related to the cell phone software is just a leak right now and there is not knowing that whether the news is true or not but one thing is confirmed that if the leaks are true and HTC is about to give their customers a long timed battery with the latest cool features and to top it all a processor which is going to make the performance of the cell phone simply flawless then it is undeniably going to be a great success.

The critics are commenting that the new launch can be exactly just what the company needs right now and may be this time the doctor they choose have prescribed them with the right solution. A perfect way through which not the company will keep its main features with it but will also launch a technology which is simply mind blowing for all. The HTC customers and the rest are expecting another great hit from the company and their expectations have increased to a great level by the looks of the leak.

Concluding the features of the cell phone one can say that it will not be just another giant sized cell phone with the typical features of the touch screen cell phone instead its features are promising a user friendly gadget which will prove to be exactly what the cell phone of one’s dreams would be like. The black graceful look will make the users feel at home and the matte- black rubbery surface will give the cell phone the perfect elegance which an HTC model requires.

The large size of the LCD for HTC M7 is also another thing which the people are happy about because they are going to get a screen for which they were dreaming about. The HTC Company has proved yet again that they are one of the most successful leading companies in their field and they plan to stay where they are for a very long time. The leak can be an advertisement plot of the company but so far it is being taken as a typical leak on whom his own plan backfired.