Did you know that one-third of adults over the age of forty-five consider themselves lonely? Often when we think of care homes for the elderly, companionship for seniors isn’t the first thing on our minds.

Typically, we’ll prioritize things like location, facility, and medical care. But, the reality is that loneliness represents a serious public health threat.

In this article, we’ll provide some context for why companionship and community are so important for seniors. That way, you can prioritize it when you’re looking for care options. Let’s get started!

Why Do Many Seniors Lack Companionship?

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Several factors contribute to loneliness amongst seniors. For one thing, their original social circle is shrinking, either due to people moving away or passing away.

This can be especially devastating if a long-term spouse recently passed away. While many families care for their parents, it’s easy for time and life to get in the way.

This can make seniors feel isolated from their families. Meeting people as a senior can be challenging.

Many lack viable transportation options. On top of that, declining cognition and other conditions can make them feel alienated from others.

How Can Companion Care Help?

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Companion care is one solution to this loneliness problem amongst seniors. This type of in-home caregiver helps seniors remain independent while providing a comfortable routine that gives them something to look forward to.

So what does a care companion do? For starters, conversation. They’ll also play games, help with reading, and take an interest in any hobbies they might have.

Care companions will typically also help out with household chores that seniors have trouble with. Taking out the garbage, laundry, and pet care are some common areas.

Many companion care will also help the individual with transportation if they need it. This helps them maintain social engagement with their friends and family when they can’t drive.

How to Find the Best Care for Your Loved Ones

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There’s a big difference between someone looking after a senior and someone who is a genuine companion. There are a variety of fantastic caregiving options out there.

Sadly, there are some bad ones too. We recommend sticking to options that are well established.

For example, Seniorshomecare.com has over thirty-four years of experience in the field. These decades of experience give them the insight that is needed for proper companion care.

Enjoy Learning About Companionship for Seniors? Keep Reading

We hope this article helped you learn the importance of companionship for seniors. As you can see, loneliness isn’t a minor concern. If left unchecked it can rapidly progress the onset of dementia and other medical conditions.

Because of this, it should be the cornerstone of any care option for your loved ones. Did you appreciate this article? Our website publishes plenty more just like it so keep reading to find more.

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