Online security is a major consideration for any website that collects payments from the website visitors, whether they’re paying for a product or to hire a service. Sites such as online casinos, banking sites and other sites where companies or businesses generate revenue are incredibly tantalizing to online hackers, who like to abuse their tech skills to make a quick and easy illegal buck.

Such companies are fully aware of this and, to protect themselves and their customers, equip themselves with an extra layer of online security in the form of data encryption. A secure sockets layer (SSL) is the most widely used. When data is transmitted between two parties, the data encryption keeps the transaction and other exchanges of information private between the two.

Draft Kings and their online security

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Whether you’re betting on the spin of the roulette wheel, strategizing behind a poker table or just having a casual spin on the slots at an online casino, all reputable casinos will take online security safety seriously. They’ll make every effort to keep themselves and their customers safe while the patrons use the services.

Draft Kings is no exception. On the website, you’ll see the site boasts the extra layer of security, which you can confirm by looking for the letters “https://” in the website URL. Also, on its “Responsible Gaming” page, the company advises customers to notify it if they think someone has guessed their password and explains how to reset their password.

To make customers’ accounts even harder for hackers to access, Draft Kings offers a “strong authentication” option. Basically, each time a player wishes to log into their account, they’ll receive a text message with a login code on their phone that they must use to access their account.

Why does online security matter so much to casinos?

Online security is paramount. So much money is being exchanged over the internet every single minute of the day that these vast sums make online casinos a target for malicious agents who know their way around a computer. Not only that, but these casinos are also handling huge amounts of data, which can also be attractive to anyone who wishes to misuse this information.

Importantly, security instils confidence in the users of the website. If an online casino experiences a security break, it can shatter the confidence of the players in the casino and even in the entire industry. How can they ever know a transaction has been conducted safely? That their details are secure? The breach will leave the reputation of the casino in tatters.

Knowing when you’re playing on the site of a secure provider

Unfortunately, there are some rogue casinos out there whose only interest is in taking you for every dollar. So how do you know when you’re playing on the site of a reputable provider? Here are few things to look out for:



Check the licensing. A safe, secure casino will hold and operate under a valid license from a gambling jurisdiction. To comply with the laws of multiple jurisdictions, they may even operate under more than one.

Gaming and financial history checks

A good operator won’t have any problem with you checking your own financial and gaming records on the site. This keeps the gambling atmosphere fair and transparent. The player has no chance of the online casino cheating them.

Read the reviews

Reliable operators will have lots of positive reviews. If a player is unhappy about their experience on the operator’s site, they’ll be sure to let others know. The same is true if the player has enjoyed using the site.

Review sites are, of course, a good source of information for this. Some sites even have sections that contain blacklisted casinos. Note, however, that some players who have written reviews on a site may just be experiencing sour grapes rather than holding a genuine grievance. Always read the reviews with caution.

Test the contact channels

Safe operators display their contact details clearly, making it easy for players to get in touch with them. How clear are the details on the site you’re visiting? Are the email address, social media channels and phone number all visible? How’s the feedback you’re getting?

If a company responds quickly and gives you helpful feedback, you’re likely to be dealing with a good online casino. If the response is unhelpful or slow to arrive, it might be better to stay away.

Security Software

Online security is a crucial factor for companies that collect payments over the internet. This is especially the case for online casinos, who will do their utmost to ensure they and the customers who use their services are safe. SSL, licensing, good customer service and other features are all reassurance that players can enjoy gaming safely on the site.

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