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How The Introvert In You Can Get A Confidence Boost For Your Next Social Outing

Blessed are those who are naturally born with the gift of the gab. Not only does it help them easily own social interactions, it also makes them crowd favourites. For those of us who prefer the company of only a few, interacting with people has never been easy.

If you’re part of the herd that suffers from the disease of being shy, know that you aren’t alone. Nearly 4 people out of every 10 are introverts. Having said that, crossing over to the other side is also possible. That’s right, social elan and ease of conversation can be achieved. Wondering how? Read on to know how to break the wall of reclusiveness that envelopes you.

Dress to Impress

It’s true what they say about first impressions making a lasting impact. A 1991 study at Yale University is proof that dressing better gives the impression of being more powerful and impactful. Before you engage in conversation with someone, chances are they already make a perception of you in their mind based on your appearance. Which is why, dressing right is your first step to cracking the introvert shield around you. Plan your outfit, pick up those matching shoes and get that crisp press rolling. You won’t regret any of the effort when you see the wonders it works on your confidence around people.

Stay Updated

People are always impressed by someone who has an opinion. Whether it’s current affairs, history, trivia or cinema, get around to knowing what’s worth knowing. It will help you stay in the loop of conversations floating around in social circles.

Mind you, knowing your subject is merely half the job done. You’ve got to make an opinion on it that concurs with logic and reason. Voice this opinion with confidence, composure and a bit of style.  Only then will your acquaintances and friends lend a listening ear to your dialogue and look forward to interacting with you.

Plan Ahead

Often times, it isn’t the lack of confidence but the lack of company that hits our confidence. Which is why, it’s always prudent to plan your social outings well in advance. And by this we don’t mean mirror rehearsals (yes, we’re guilty too) but important elements like your company and travel. Check much ahead which of your friends are attending a social do. This will help you ascertain what company you have and for how long. The last thing you want is to be found stranded without company. Plan your mode of return well in advance, especially if you are indulging in a few merry spirits and puffs.

Calm Your Senses

Wouldn’t it help if you had something that loosens those tight strings in your mind? Helps you break inhibitions, perhaps? For some their spirit of choice is a drink, while for others it’s blowing their apprehensions away through a relaxing puff. We swear by a bunch of CBD hemp flowers to relax your mind and unravel your true personality. The Hawaiian Haze CBD with its tropical flavours is the perfect antidote for your social anxiety. These all-natural and organic gifts of nature are all pure. They are ideal for a pre-party doze of energy. Simply light some of this flavourful natural booster to give yourself a burst of confidence. The floral notes of scent are perfect to calm your mind and usher in the best of moods. This should effectively make you start your own little social revolution.

Make The Initiative

Making the first move in initiating a conversation can do a world of difference to your social intelligence quotient. Often times, all it takes to make lasting relationships is the initial thrust of reaching out. Break through the barrier of hesitation and create conversation with people. Despite how the conversation goes, chances are the initiative will earn you brownie points on the social interaction scale.

In the age of social media and virtual connections, the ability of people to make actual verbal conversation has somewhere lost precedence. Bringing back good ol’ verbal communication can do a world of good to your personality, building lasting relationships that go beyond your mobile screen. These handy tips are a sure-shot way to get started on that and say goodbye to your introverted tendencies.

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