One of the biggest draws for people when it comes to cryptocurrencies is the fact that there are constant innovations and new additions being made to the blockchain technology and the entire scene. It’s quite interesting to know that within a week there could be some new big thing that could be a game-changer, or perhaps just overshadowed by the next big thing that comes after it. You can never predict what will happen and a lot of people seem to really enjoy that concept. We’ll cover some of the latest innovations that have occurred in the industry so that you’re caught up with everything.

Green Blockchain Technology

Green Blockchains

One of the biggest issues that a lot of people have had since the early days of cryptocurrencies were the fact that they weren’t very eco-friendly and that the blockchain had a noticeably negative impact on the environment due to the way that mining and the rest of the blockchain worked. It’s something that has caused a lot of backlash and likely slowed down the initial growth by a decent bit. This is why people have been trying to find ways to fix this.

So what is a green blockchain exactly? It’s a blockchain that does not have a significant carbon footprint and any cryptocurrencies related to it must have a high energy efficiency to also be considered green. Nobody cared to try and make them in the past but thankfully in recent times the idea has grown more popular so more and more of them are being created and even some older ones are trying to convert which is incredibly positive for the environment and might lead more people to invest when that old environmental issue is gone.

The Metaverse

While the Metaverse itself isn’t as new as some of these other things, it constantly has innovations of its own which are all worthwhile and significant so in our opinion it’s worthy of a mention on this list. It’s a tool that can allow for many things that were previously impossible and considering how virtual and augmented reality are generally once again gaining population then we anticipate many great things from the metaverse, it’s just impossible to know what exactly and that makes things interesting.

It will allow for many smaller projects to get a chance to shine. Who knows, many even some small local cryptos that you may be unaware of could become giants and rival the biggest of today if given a chance and the Metaverse just might be the chance that they need. While it on its own might not accomplish massive things, we believe that others will be able to utilize it to great effect and boost their own interesting projects to new heights which would still make the Metaverse an incredibly worthwhile creation and something that many would benefit from.

DeFi Improvements

DeFi Improvements

While DeFi on its own isn’t an innovation and is something that has come with the blockchain itself, it’s important to note all of the advancements that have been made that have improved it to a considerable degree. We have been consistently seeing improvements made to it over the years and in our opinion, it really has begun to rival traditional banking now. The massive benefits of decentralized banking and using smart contracts were already a big deal, but now the fact that things have been streamlined and made more efficient really seals the deal in our eyes.

NFT Improvements

Another area where we see upgrades on a pretty much daily basis is the world of NFTs, both in terms of creation and sales. Of course, the green blockchains will have a great effect on them as well, their internal changes have also been a great boon and have made the processes of creating, selling, buying, and trading NFTs so much smoother and less of a hassle that we believe their popularity is surging again specifically due to this increased ease of use.

NFT types

It’s of course hard to be completely sure whether that was the deciding factor or not, but it certainly helps and makes it so that more and more people can join in on the fun, rather than it being something for a niche crowd.


The sheer number of innovations that are happening every day makes it kind of hard to follow and that’s why we made this list which has hopefully helped you keep up with the latest trends and changes. Crypto is a complex world so we wish you the best of luck and to have fun with the journey.