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The Latest Trends in the Carpet Cleaning Industry

The carpet cleaning industry is one of the rising businesses in the world today. Many entrepreneurs choose to open a business that specializes in carpet cleaning because the demand is getting higher. Carpet cleaning, in the technical sense, refers to the services that are applied to dirty carpets. The company that provides carpet cleaning will clean it using a variety of ways. The businesses that provide carpet cleaning services often apply different methods in cleaning the carpet, but the results are the same โ€“ the carpet will become more pleasing to the eyes because it will regain its original color, and it will look cleaner. It is also healthier and will last longer if properly maintained. People who have pets at home are recommended to have their carpets cleaned because the fur from their pets might cause allergies.

There are many methods applied by various businesses on how they will be cleaning the carpets, and some of the most common methods are the hot water extraction method, the steam cleaning method, and the dry cleaning method. Those who are staying inside their homes can also apply several methods in cleaning their carpets, and it includes the vacuum method, stain removal method, and rug beating method.

1. Hot Water Extraction Method โ€“ this method is used mainly for large carpets. Commercial establishments that provide this type of cleaning method would take the carpets into a room where it will be sprayed with hot water. The hot water from the machine will soften the dirt and dust that has accumulated in the carpet and it will be slowly dissolved. The detergent will also be mixed at the same time, and this would loosen up particles that have hardened in the carpet. Later on, the carpet will be rinsed, and all of the dirt would also go away. The cleaning process may take hours, but the result is remarkable, and all of the stains can be removed through this method.

2. Steam Cleaning Method โ€“ this method uses the power of steam to clean the carpet. What happens during this cleaning method is that the carpet will be placed inside a room where the steam is powerful, and then, the steam coming from the machine will loosen up the particles that have hardened on the carpet. Later on, the steam will cause the particles to be removed one after another until the carpet becomes cleaner.

3. Dry Cleaning Method โ€“ the dry cleaning method involves a lot of processes that would clean the whole carpet without the need for liquid. Pressure, air, heat, and other elements will work together to clean the carpet. This is more preferred if the materials used in the carpet are delicate and should not be soaked in the water.

4. Vacuum Method โ€“ this is one of the methods used at home, and it involves the use of a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and dirt from the carpet. It is one of the cheapest ways on how to clean the carpet, but it will not remove all of the dirt from it.

5. Stain Removal โ€“ this method is also used at home, and it involves the creation of solutions that would be applied to a carpet stain. Excessive scrubbing is also needed to achieve the result that one is looking for.

6. Rug beaters โ€“ this is an old method of removing the dirt from the carpet, and it involves the continuous beating of the carpet using a wood made of rattan or other similar materials that are tough and hard.

These methods have been considered as the most reliable ways on how to clean the carpet, and through the years, many businesses decided to use these methods to establish a carpet cleaning business. The carpet cleaning industry is now valued at $4.8 billion, and the demand continues to rise. Many people are taking their carpets to a carpet cleaning business, and it is expected that the industry will experience massive growth in the years to come. In the United States, many people are investing in a carpet cleaning business because of the huge profit can they can get from this kind of establishment. It also requires small capital, but the returns are great. Every year, the revenue collected by the industry is growing at a pace of 1.9% annually. The number of employees who are working in this kind of business is also increasing.
There are more than 39,000 carpet cleaning businesses in the United States today, and the number of people who are employed in these businesses is estimated to be at 69,000. The people who have been investing in this business has an optimistic look at the future of the industry, and with newer cleaning technologies being introduced in the market, many people are very sure that the industry will grow further. More people will also get the jobs that they wanted, thanks to the carpet cleaning industry.

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