The director of comic film, Mel Brooks, is honored with an award of lifetime achievement from American-Film-Institute.

David Lunch and Robert DeNiro were included in those who were in this Hollywood ceremony for paying tribute to Brooks, aged 86 years, who was director of the films The Producers and Young Frankenstein.

While he accepted this award from the director, Martin Scorsese, Mel Brooks said that the movies had saved his life.

Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood and Woody Allen clapped for Brooks through video.

The ceremony was opened by the performer, Martin Short, at Dolby Theatre with the routine of dance & song set to medley of the melodies from films directed by Brooks.

Short said that he would call Mel a genius.

Larry David also attended the ceremony and reprimanded Brooks for the idle years he lived. He said that Brooks got him away from comedy rather than getting him into it, as he recalled how he got intimidated by the talent Brooks has.

This prize’s past recipients include George Lucas, Spielberg, Kirk Douglas, Scorsese and Elizabeth Taylor. The comedian Kimmel joked that they will miss him a lot.

Joked comedian Jimmy Kimmel, “We are going to miss you so much, Mel.” He further said that Brooks was a great man and he also wished for him to “rest in harmony” at which Brooks exclaimed that he wasn’t going to die.

Brooks thanked the institute as they had recognized him along with sharing his everlasting love for film.

He said that movies rescued his soul and that anything good or bad was to be smeared out over Saturday morning.

Brooks was included in the similar category by Scorsese as Hardy & Laurel and Marx Brothers.

Scorsese added that Mel himself made his tradition of awesomeness, drawing it from past, toying with that, honoring it and then vamping over it, covering it over to the places where funny men and wise ones before weren’t brave enough to go and that is what was being celebrated and being honored that night.

Scorsese added that Mel always made the special way for himself and brought all of them along for joyride.

In 1969, an Oscar was won by Brooks for writing the comedy The Producers which is regarding 2 schemers who get to figure out ways of making money through the production of the flop Broadway which is a musical regarding Adolf Hitler.

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