The rise of 3D printing has been an exciting period for many tech-savvy people, and the technology is now finally at a stage where it’s easy for the average person to use. At the same time, the prices of even high-end 3D printers have become quite reasonable, making them accessible to many. Every day seems to bring us the best 3D printing news yet, and still, we find ourselves surprised the next morning.

If you’re still not exploring the possibilities offered by 3D printing for your own life, you’re missing out on a lot. Sure, it’s not some kind of miracle technology that can magically produce expensive complex designs for free. But even small uses of 3D printing can stack up quite fast.

DIY Repairs

The most popular use for 3D printers among home users so far seems to be the production of various DIY repair parts. If something breaks in your car’s driver panel, for example, an original part could cost hundreds of dollars from the manufacturer – even though it’s just a piece of plastic produced in a specific shape. Printing the same part yourself can cost cents by comparison, and you can find freely available premade designs for most of the popular models on the market. And if it doesn’t exist, designing it yourself is not as hard as it seems at first.

Home Accessories and Gadgets

On a related note, you can also save some money on various home accessories and tiny gadgets, with the added bonus of getting to design them yourself and matching them to your home’s overall style more easily. From a soap holder to phone docking stations, lampshades, vases, birdhouses, and so much more – the possibilities are practically infinite, and you’re only limited by your imagination. And with a good 3D printer, you can produce things that will far surpass anything that you can buy premade on the market.


Which leads us to our final major point. 3D printing is great for those with a creative side because it can allow you to bring all of your ideas to life in a completely new and exciting way. Sure, designing a 3D model and watching it on your screen is nice by itself – but holding that model in your hands is on a whole other level, and it’s something that will easily occupy hours of your day if you get good at it. And if you’re not that crafty with a 3D application yourself, you at least have the thousands of freely available models on the internet to explore.If you can afford a 3D printer, it’s easily one of the best purchases you can make in your life right now. It’s not just about saving money, either. The kind of freedom this gives you in setting up your home exactly the way you want it is something we’ve never seen in the past, and it’s amazing to see the impact of 3D printing on society as a whole. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – even greater developments are likely right around the corner. 

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