Not many people are aware of the fact that they spend a considerable amount of time in their bathroom. They find this place to be intimate, private, and most comforting. Hence, this is one reason why homeowners dream of having a beautiful and serene bathroom. They want the décor to be purely pleasing. You could also be one of them. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom to increase its appeal and functionality, you need to explore all the elements that constitute its overall attractiveness for you. Of the various things, you can think of bathroom sinks, for example.

Sinks are the most significant part of the bathroom’s interior design from the view of both performance and appearance. Although there is no shortage of options in this appliance, you can still choose to go with glass vessel sinks. A modern glass sink looks delicate and beautiful. It can merge with any interior theme without any issue.

Most of these sinks are tempered glass material, due to which they embody strength and durability. The soft curved look and silhouette give them a stylish appearance. If you pair it with a gracious vessel sink faucet, the overall vibe of your bathroom will enhance by manifold. With this, the choice of vanity also matters, though. You cannot mount them on the wall. A combination of these three can lend your bathroom a unique style and fragility to behold. However, it doesn’t mean the structure will be weak or any less durable. But when you look at it, you will feel like taking care of it a bit more due to such evoked emotions.

So, do you think you want to focus on a glass vessel basin for your bathroom? Along with plenty of colors and textures, these types of sink allow you to browse through different designs, such as oval/ round, square, and rectangular.

Let’s take a quick peek into each of these shapes

A rectangular glass vessel sink

These basins tend to have more width than front and back measurements. The defined lines of this design make it extremely suitable for a modern interior. They don’t have depth. But they have a unique expression and subtle quality to them, which can help transform any décor with ease. There are multiple benefits of adding this style into your favorite place of the home.

Why buy a rectangular glass vessel sink?

A touch of harmony

The strict geometric shape helps you plan other surrounding elements to give your bathroom a well-coordinated appearance, which works perfectly for a modern theme.

A decorative feel

The geometric shapes rule modern trends. If you have a minimalistic interior theme on your mind, you can add it to create just the right vibe. For a high-tech setup, too, it can be a perfect companion.

An easy thing to maintain

The combination of the glass surface and rectangular shape makes this choice quite easy to handle. You can clean it with gentle soapy water and wipe the surface dry with a soft cloth after every use to avoid water spots.

However, it is essential to know that although these are popular for their stylish and modern look, they can go out of trend. So, if you are looking for a prolonged association with this type of sink, you may have to lower your expectations. Then, the corners of the bowl can be a troublemaker when it comes to cleaning as they tend to catch a lot of dirt and grime.

A square glass vessel sink

The width, the front, and the backside measurements of this sink tend to be the same. You can find them having varying levels of depth, but most of them either feature slope or straight drop-down design. These are also an excellent option for modern interiors due to their clean lines. If your bathroom is a bit smaller in size, you may want to incorporate this over a rectangular one. You can show interest in this model for a variety of reasons.

Why buy a square glass vessel sink?

A dash of elegance

Unlike a traditional geometric shape, this square structure can elevate the charming quotient of your bathroom effortlessly. When the sinks sit above-counter, they look all the more mesmerizing.

A sense of tranquility

This vessel sink, going with the sleek line of the countertop, can make your bathroom most tranquil looking. If you are conscious of your choice of color, you can revive this vibe even more.

Ease of maintenance

These bowls are easy to clean. Many homeowners vouch for the same.

However, one thing you need to take care of with this shape is the installation process. It may not be easy to replace an old oval sink vessel with this type. To avoid any last-minute hassle, it is ideal taking all the measurements first and then opting for it.

A round/oval glass vessel sink

Oval or round bowls are quite traditional designs, but these can mix and match with any rustic or modern theme easily. They come in simple to textured surfaces to help give your bathroom the most needed upgrade. You may want to select it for two main reasons.

Why buy a round glass vessel sink?

A classic look

Its traditional appearance is one of its greatest merits. This shape has been in trend for so many years. Most people identify with this geometric figure. Hence, the chances of it going out of fashion are pretty low or almost nonexistent here.

A maintenance-friendly option

Of all the different shapes, this one is most easy to clean. You can take a soft cloth to wipe its surface in a circular motion, which is also the most natural movement when it comes to getting rid of dirt and grime. Also, the absence of edges ensures there is no buildup of residues.

The only challenge with this model is its dated appearance. If you want to give your bathroom a modern twist, you may not depend on it entirely.

Every glass vessel sink has its merits and demerits. However, nothing stops you from making the most of your experience with this. Just work around it and other features a bit to get the desired result.

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