The Most Adorable First Birthday Invitations

It almost feels like yesterday that your little bundle of joy entered the world, and today you’re looking for ideas for their first birthday invitations. Almost feels like yesterday when you were sent out a birth announcement card for them. This is a huge milestone for parents as their child begins to enter his toddler age. It calls for a huge celebration!

Most parents want to go all out for their kid’s birthday, and it certainly is possible; however, the world of aesthetics is wide. There are countless cute ideas online you can use for inspiration like making surprise simple birthday wishes banners. However, here are some of the most adorable bidesigns for a first birthday invitation:

 Baby’s first-year montage

There is no invite more adorable than a collage of your baby’s pictures throughout the year. This is particularly amazing when you take milestone pictures of your baby every month. At the end of the year, make a collage to represent how much your baby has grown over the year with a sweet message inviting guests to celebrate your baby’s first with you.

Use a fresh photo

Babies only stay babies for a short time. Take full advantage of this to make the most of the time and use the first birthday invitations as an excuse to do a mini photoshoot for your child. You can go anywhere with this one; the possibilities are endless. A great example would be taking pictures according to the theme of the party like if you’re having a race track theme birthday for a boy, you can take pictures of your boy in a racer outfit.

Elegant formal invite

Babies can’t read, and chances are the first birthday party will likely consist of your close friends and family rather than your child’s friends. Use this as an excuse to create formal invites with a touch of classy floral stickers and an adorable picture of your baby. You can edit these are home using online templates on photo editing websites and apps.


One-year-olds are obsessed with Cocomelon and Baby Shark, so it might not come as a surprise if one of your first ideas for the invitations is to make a cartoon-themed invite. Some people have paid graphic designers to design a cartoon that looks like their child to use on the invitations. However, if you do not want to spend that much, a simple google search will help you find a cartoon similar to your child.


A simplistic design with less clutter is very appealing to the eye. Use pastel colors and minimalistic, gender-neutral graphics like adorable elephants or squirrels. A thin font in light colors is sure to make the invitation look attractive and subtle.

Shaped cards

If the classic square or rectangle shape isn’t enough, you can find pre-cut cards in various shapes at your local craft store or online websites. The variety is wider than the ocean here. Some cute ideas on Pinterest used toffee-shaped, heart-shaped, flower-shaped, etc., cards. Write a sweet message and embellish it with cute stickers to create a sweet invite.


Involve your baby and even the big kids to DIY the invitations. This might be a fun activity, especially if you’re planning on having a small event and don’t have to sit and make over fifty invitations. Write your message on white cardstock, dip your soon-to-be one-year-old’s hand in paint and make an adorable handprint on the card. This one might be the most adorable yet on the list.

Seasonal invites

Another trending idea is to make invites for the birthday party according to the season of the time. For example, a spring-themed party in March calls for rustic, floral invitations. Use a light beige for the background and a thin font in gold or grey colors to create an elegant feel. Top it off with abstract flower graphics.

Or, if the party is in the winters, create an invitation on light blue cardstock and add decorations like snowflakes and hot chocolate to symbolize the winters.

The conclusion

First birthdays are extremely hectic and chaotic for the parents; however, they are one of the first major milestones in a baby’s life. From birth announcements to the first birthdays, it is surely a journey for the parents.

The inspiration online is endless, from the themes for the party to the party favors and even the invitations. Hopefully, this inspiration serves as the birth of an idea to make your child’s special day even more special.

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