5 Amazing Health Benefits of THC

Marijuana is a plant that has been used for its medicinal properties since ancient times. It’s said to have been cultivated by the Chinese Emperor Shen-Nung 5,000 years ago and the health benefits of THC were well known in India during the Vedic period as far back as 1500 BCE.

Cannabis contains over 400 beneficial compounds, one of which is tetrahydrocannabinol or better known as THC (check Delta-8 THC products). Believe it or not, THC is actually a medicinal cannabinoid.

It’s best known for its ability to make you feel good and forget about your problems – but that doesn’t mean there are no health benefits to be had. Tetrahydrocannabinol has been known to ease symptoms of numerous health conditions, physically and mentally.

This article will explore 5 amazing health benefits of THC and how you can gain these benefits from marijuana use.

5 Amazing Health Benefits of THC

THC Provides Pain Relief

More than 1.5 billion people worldwide live with debilitating chronic pain. Many of these individuals suffer from nerve-related or neuropathic pains such as fibromyalgia, shingles, sciatica, and diabetic neuropathy.

Studies show that THC activates pathways to the central nervous system that regulate pain. THC is a neurotransmitter, so it communicates with the brain about sensory input and how we respond to that input.

THC’s effectiveness for pain relief was confirmed in 2013 by an FDA-approved trial that health benefits of THC to be safe, and a promising treatment for pain.

Another trial showed that THC given as an add-on medication reduced chronic pain by 30% or more in many patients with less than 20 years of life left who were using opioids (such studies are called “compassionate use”).


Inflammation is common in most types of diseases and THC is proven to have anti-inflammatory properties. In animal studies, THC was shown to reduce inflammation by blocking the production of inflammatory molecules and stimulating the body’s natural painkilling system.

The health benefits of THC can be found in a variety of products, such as syrups, edibles, oils, and drops that can be used as an anti-inflammatory. The good thing about these products is you can bring them anywhere and take them anytime you want.

It’s a Muscle Relaxant

Cannabis is a natural muscle relaxant that eases muscle tension and pain. THC activates specific receptors in your body that are responsible for regulating the relaxation or discomfort of activated muscles.

When you ingest cannabis, it enters into your bloodstream where these receptors are located all over the body including those in your muscles. THC mimics the natural endocannabinoids your body produces and binds to these receptors, which reduces muscle spasms.

A THC and CBD-based medicine called Sativex is an FDA-approved treatment for muscle spasticity in multiple sclerosis.

THC Increases Appetite

THC has been shown to potentially help increase appetite in patients with an eating disorder and also has some benefits in appetite stimulation for those with chronic health issues.

A study from the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes & Human Retrovirology on patients with HIV or AIDS reported that “THC stimulates appetite and suppresses nausea, vomiting, anxiety, and depression”.

With the right usage, the hunger-inducing effects of THC can help to combat eating disorders and improve quality of life.

It Can Make Sleep Better

Sleep disorder is a common ailment with a variety of different causes, from anxiety to hormone imbalances.

Some people use cannabis products for sleep-related problems because it’s been shown in numerous studies that they can produce sedative effects and help reduce the time needed to fall asleep.

Cannabinoids are also known as natural sleeping pills due to their ability to induce sleep within a 20-minute time frame.

Whatever discomfort you are currently experiencing, THC might be able to help you feel better. If it’s your first time trying THC, always do your research first by reading cannabis guides or ask the store where you are planning to buy THC for the best advice.

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