Those struggling with chronic pain can begin to feel like there’s nothing that will alleviate it effectively. While there are massive amounts of prescriptions and creams on the market that aim to help those afflicted with chronic pain, not all of them come with the relief they claim to have. There’s also the possibility that specific prescriptions might lose their effects if taken with regularity.

A natural pain reliever you may not have heard of is CBD. Maybe you’ve seen CBD being implemented into all kinds of products at your local health food store – lotion, gummies, coffee, chocolate, and juices included. If you happen to see these products, they’re worth researching if you suffer from migraines or chronic pain.  

CBD is being used as a healthy alternative to prescription drugs for a good reason. The stigma that goes along with it (being derived from cannabinoids) is quickly being lifted, thanks to research and its benefits. CBD might have been growing on the Earth for thousands of years, but only now are we starting to see its positive effects for a slew of health issues in the contemporary world.

For example, for those who don’t want to rely solely on medications for relief, CBD might be a worthwhile option to add to your routine. While it might not be able to totally eliminate pain, and should be used sparingly, there’s quite a lot of research to back up CBD’s revolutionary effects on subduing chronic pain.

CBD’s Effects on Different Types of Pain 

Chronic pain

Marijuana has been recognized as a significant treatment in alleviating chronic pain and can be used medicinally. CBD, however, works to reduce inflammation, which can help to subdue pain and might be useful at eliminating pain, moving forward, if used correctly and with the correct dosage. Because research is still being done on CBD in health care, talk to your doctor about adding CBD to your routine before doing so.

Arthritis pain

So far, the most significant research done on CBD’s effects on arthritis was tested on rats, and not human subjects. However, the study, which appeared in the European Journal of Pain, found that there was a significant decrease in inflammation, and thus pain in the arthritic rats being tested with CBD.

There’s a multitude of lotion and creams on the market that includes CBD and could be used to treat arthritis pain. It could be a product that’s worth a try if you find yourself in a lot of pain with seemingly no relief.

Multiple sclerosis

Another lifelong ailment, multiple sclerosis could be more manageable for the patient with the use of CBD. Because MS affects the entire body as well as the brain, this disease can have several serious side effects, especially as the patient grows older.While there must be more studies on the subject before it can be said for sure, CBD created noticeably decreased spasms in the patients who used it, and could be a more natural way of dealing with MS’ side effects.

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