One of the questions asked by dog owners, especially first-timers is, “how much does pet training cost?”

If you enroll your pet in a class or program, you could spend anywhere from $20 to $80 per session. But if you plan to do it yourself, the good news is you don’t have to spend a ton of money. 

Mostly, you’ll invest in some necessary obedience dog training tools and of course, your time and effort in learning the necessary training techniques.

To help you out here’s a quick but effective guide on how to train your dog, complete with tips and tricks.

First Things First: What Dog Training Tools Do You Need?

Since positive enforcement is the best way to train your dog, you’ll need lots of dog treats. It’s better to go for treats that are moist and meaty or something your dog really likes.

Aside from treats, you’ll need a crate, which will be your dog’s second home. This is a must-have because you can’t be with your dog 24/7. You’ll also use this for potty-training your pet

Other tools you need is a dog clicker, a dog leash, and a dog collar or dog harness. For the dog collar, it’s best to go for one that doesn’t make your dog feel itchy or uncomfortable. You can check out Pet Territory to know more about your dog collar options.

Dog Training 101: An Overview of the Essentials

Once you have the tools ready, your next step is to know the basics of obedience training for dogs at home.

First, you need to master housebreaking or potty training and crate training. This is important because you want your pet to accept and even enjoy his/her crate. 

Next is leash training. You don’t want to neglect this area of training as most areas now have leash laws. When your dog knows not to pull or lunge when on the leash, taking walks outside will be a more enjoyable experience for both of you.

After leash training comes socialization and clicker training. With socialization, your goal is to make your puppy or adult dog less anxious when exposed to new people, places, and other animals. As for clicker training, this can be an optional step.

But a lot of people find it helpful. Using a clicker makes training more fun for your pet. It makes the process seem like a game and can help your dog learn basic commands such as “sit,” “come,” and “down” faster.

Pet Training: Basic Commands, Tricks, and Proofing

The five basic obedience commands every dog should learn are sit, come, down, stay, and leave it. 

When your dog has mastered these commands, you can move on to the more “fun” tricks such as kiss, shake hands, roll over, play dead, and so on.

But remember, even if your dog behaves perfectly at home and can already do impressive tricks, it doesn’t mean he or she will act the same in a different environment. This is where proofing comes in. 

With proofing, you’ll need to reinforce good behaviors in different settings. This also includes teaching your dog self-control and knowing how to manage your dog’s behavior. 

Want More Pet Tips and Advice?

Pet training is something you’ll have to do for the rest of your dog’s life. You have to keep reinforcing good behaviors and gently correct the bad ones. 

For more pet tips and advice, don’t hesitate to check out our pets archives. You will find tons of informative posts there such as your pet’s food habits, breed, behavior, and much more.

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