Before the pandemic in 2019, Turkey welcomed a record 51 million international tourists across its borders. The country will no doubt meet and exceed those numbers again in the next few years.

Why? Because Turkey is one of the most fascinating countries in the world.

It is one of the only countries that sits across two continents. It has strong ties to many faiths and it boasts some of the most impressive monuments and landscapes you’ll ever see.

But if you’ve never visited this captivating country before, you’ll need to consult a Turkey travel guide. Lucky for you, this one will help you decide where to go and what to do. It also has all the top tips you need to have an amazing Turkey vacation.

Where To Go in Turkey

Where To Go in Turkey

There are three main areas in Turkey that most tourists visit. These are:

  • Istanbul
  • Antalya
  • Cappadocia

Many make the mistake of thinking Istanbul is Turkey’s capital city, but it’s not. Ankara is the capital but Istanbul is the most populous and famous. This sprawling city is ideal for tourists seeking European culture and cafes with a Middle Eastern edge.

Next in this Turkey travel guide is Antalya. It’s also a city on the coast but it has beautiful stretches of white sand beaches and hundreds of resorts. If this sounds like your style of vacation, view more on travel destinations in Turkey here.

Cappadocia is an up-and-coming Turkey destination. This is thanks to the Instagrammable hot air balloons that fly over the desert landscape every morning at dawn.

What To Do in Turkey

What To Do in Turkey

This wouldn’t be the best Turkey travel guide if it didn’t mention food. Turkish delight is a popular sweet treat, as is baklava. And you can’t visit Turkey without trying a Turkish breakfast with sesame seed bread washed down with black tea.

If you want to witness a traditional Turkish display, research a nearby Whirling Dervish performance by Sufi groups. You should also check out some Islamic sites like The Blue Mosque or the Hagia Sophia.

Logistical Tips for Visiting Turkey

Visiting Turkey

If you’re looking for an Eastern Turkey travel guide, be wary. This part of the country is less traveled by international tourists and you shouldn’t travel too close to the border with Syria. But everywhere else in Turkey is pretty safe.

Don’t forget to wear modest clothing when visiting Islamic sites. Make sure you cover your elbows and knees. Ladies will need to wear a headscarf too.

Most stores and restaurants in Turkey accept credit cards. But it’s handy to carry some Turkish cash (lira) when shopping in souks and bazaars.

Use This Turkey Travel Guide To Plan Your Trip

Turkey can be a difficult place to visit if you’ve never traveled overseas before. But with this Turkey travel guide, you now know all the best places in Turkey and all the top tips.

You might know how to plan your trip with this guide to Turkey travel, but you need to know what to pack. Browse our style and travel articles in the lifestyle section of our website for more great tips!