There are so many new companies starting out every day and we the diehard fans of branded objects don’t even bother to give them a second look let alone thinking about giving them a chance because no matter how cheap they are  we are all about brands and their constant quality. The information which we never bothered to put light on is the background of these brands after which we are crazy. The reason is that because we have assumed that these companies were a hit right from the beginning but the reality will be very concept shaking for you.


Starting from Facebook since even with all its privacy issues it is the one social networking sites which murdered the popularity of twitter and Orkut and still refuses to budge from its all so majestic throne of popularity. The creator of the fever Mark Zukerberg was charged against hacking the Harvard computer network for his new social networking site and not just that he also received complaints for uploading all the pics of his fellows on the internet.

Amazon is the one name which we simply cannot ignore even for a day. But the site wasn’t so popular from always and neither was it named Amazon. The name changed when the founder Jeff Bezos was telling the lawyer the name of his site “Cadabra” and he understood it as “Cadaver”(talk about the effects of a good name)

Procter and Gamble is the multinational giant which is thought to be the almighty company which has been here like always but the contrasting reality is that it was founded by a candle maker James Gamble and William Procter who was a soap maker. These two minds get together when they married two sisters and started selling soaps and candles in 1837 under the name of the same company.

Starbucks is appreciated greatly due to its unique name which attracts the coffee lovers to it. The founders of the company are considered the ultimate gurus of the business who can never go wrong. The supporters of this theory are not aware of the fact that the name suggested by them for Starbucks was “Pequod” but thank God the idea was rejected.

Lary Page and Sergy Brin are the founders of the MR. Know It All (The Google) but at the same time they are also the writers of the essay in 1998 which opposed the benefit of ads and their use to get profit for search engine. Now their world’s most successful search engine is having it’s per pay click ads as its biggest revenue drivers. And people use to think that there is an extent to what a man can change, the searches are proving the theory wrong.

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