One of the worst feelings is being put out of commission because someone was negligent and injured you. 

You’ll feel even worse if you don’t take the proper steps to put your personal injury case together. This starts by understanding the appropriate personal injury lawsuit timeline so that you can keep your ducks in a row and make the right decision. 

Below we’ll dive into what you need to know about your personal injury case, and which details need to be hashed out for you to win it. 

1. Go to the Doctor ASAP

Before you even concern yourself with legal advice, drop everything and get medical care and examination. 

It’s important to get a proper account and opinion on your injuries. People spend more than a million days in the hospital annually due to injuries from car crashes alone. 

Thorough medical exams will not only help you heal but will also be the bread and butter for proving your case anyway. By going to the doctor first, you are building your case with a foundation of strong evidence. 

2. Sit Down with Lawyers for a Consultation

You’ll want to talk to a few different lawyers before deciding on who you want handling your personal injury claim or settlement. 

Personal injury attorneys will sit down with you for free to see whether or not they can help you with your case. If they can, they’ll give you an overview of which strategy they’ll use. 

Taking these consultations is a solid first step toward deciding which attorney you want to hire, and getting a clear indication about their fees and agreements. 

3. File Your Case in Time For the Statute of Limitations

You’ll also need to formally file your case in time for the statute of limitations. 

This doesn’t mean that it’s going to court anytime soon, but at least you’ll know that you handled this obligation and can breathe a sigh of relief in that regard. Your lawyer will work with you in putting together your petition so that you are able to check every box and make sure you are thoroughly explaining your case. 

4. Handle Pre-Trial Depositions and Research

Prior to the case going to court, you’ll go through a series of depositions. 

These are questioning sessions related to the incident and the type of injuries you have suffered. Consistency is key with these depositions, and your lawyer will put you through several practice sessions. 

Your lawyer will also help you in researching the case. This might involve bringing in expert witnesses that can testify on your behalf. 

5. Prepare for Trial or Negotiations

Finally, you’ll either need to get ready for court or the settlements that happen outside of court. 

The majority of these cases get settled, so it’s more likely that you’ll be sitting at the negotiation table. Having a solid lawyer will help you through this part of the timeline no matter how it plays out. 

Follow This Personal Injury Lawsuit Timeline

So there you have it. Knowing this personal injury lawsuit timeline is half the battle when you get hurt and need legal help. 

Consider these points and make sure to touch base with a lawyer that can help you. 

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