According to authorities at Iraq, they uncovered a plot by al-Qaeda to use the chemical weapons and to have them smuggled to North America and Europe.

The spokesman of the Defense ministry, Mohammed al-Askari, said that 5 men were arrested after the military intelligence had their activities monitored for 3 months.

He added that 3 workshops for the manufacture of chemical agents that included mustard gas and sarin, were uncovered.

Toy planes that were remote-controlled were also there at those workshops.

According to Mr Askari, they were supposed to be used for releasing chemical agents to targets from about 1.5km of safe distance.

He also told that all the men arrested confessed to this plot, saying they received the instruction from some other al-Qaeda offshoot.

As the spokesman of defense ministry spoke, the footage was shown on a TV with four men having black hoods. Three of those wore jumpsuits of bright yellow colour and the fourth one had brown jumpsuit on.All these arrested men allegedly have confessed.These arrests were only possible due to the co-operation between foreign intelligence and Iraqi services.

In Iraq, Al-Qaeda is believed to be the single offshoot of militant network of Islamists that used the chemical weapons.

Between October 2006 – June 2007, in Iraq, it detonated 16 chlorine bombs.

The inhalation of chlorine made a lot of people sick, though there weren’t any deaths recorded resulting from the exposure to this chemical. Rather, those bomb blasts were believed to have lead to fatalities.

At that time, the officials of US said that Al-Qaeda seemed that it wanted to use chlorine like debilitating agents to cause deaths more than those in initial explosion.

Iraqi and US troops subsequently detained or killed many such militants that were building chlorine-laced bombs along with seizing much of the stockpiled chemicals.

One letter that was written by late leader of al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden 5 days before being killed in the military raid of US in Pakistan urged that members of the offshoot of the group in Yemen, the ones he believed were thinking of using poison, should be careful handling it without adequate study of every aspect, including media and political reaction.

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