The Safe and Healthy Ways to Use Marijuana

From relieving chronic pain to helping treat anxiety, depression, and preventing certain forms of cancer, the health benefits of marijuana are plentiful. Whether you’re consuming it for medical or recreational purposes, it’s always good to be aware of how to use cannabis for maximum benefit. The following guide explores some alternatives to smoking, which will help you enjoy it safely and responsibly while minimizing any side effects.

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If you’re looking for a fast and convenient way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of marijuana, a tincture can be a superb option. The essence of the cannabis is extracted in liquid form and ingested orally. A few drops under the tongue or in your morning coffee, and you’ll feel the effects within minutes. Mixed with a beverage, the tincture will take longer to absorb, and the psychoactive effects will be limited.


Using a vaporizer with marijuana works to eliminate the toxic smoke and remain in control of the temperature and dosing. These devices allow the active substances to heat without burning, which minimizes damage to your lungs. In any case, make sure to find quality vape accessories for a safe and convenient vaping experience. With some bit of research, you’re found to find a reputable online supplier.


Those wishing to stay away from smoking and vaping altogether can opt for topical solutions to consume their weed. Topicals include a wide range of cannabis-infused creams, balms, and rubs primarily used for skincare and to relieve localized pain. With this method, users don’t experience the typical ‘high’; the active compounds simply work to reduce inflammation and promote great skin.


There are a thousand and one ways you can incorporate the benefits of marijuana directly into your diet. Space cookies or brownies are very popular but are high in calories and process sugar. Healthier alternatives can be found in cannabis-infused granola mixes, which you can mix with yogurt or a salad for a nice boost of immune boost and pain relief. Consuming edibles will have a long-lasting effect during the daytime, so it’s advised to proceed with caution. Even with la familial edibles.

Juices and Teas

Consuming marijuana-infused juices and teas is another great way to enjoy the plant’s great properties. Simply add raw cannabis leaves to your favorite smoothie recipe for a delicious and healthy treat. Cannabis tea can be trickier to prepare, so be sure to look for preparation methods; you can always add cannabutter to your regular tea or coffee.


Last but not least, those dealing with chronic pain can opt for cannabis patches that look similar to nicotine patches. They’re a perfectly safe medical product, but don’t procure the same fun experience as with other methods. It acts within 10 minutes and typically lasts from 8 to 12 hours.

All in all, with legalization on the rise and the advent of the health-conscious lifestyle, it only stands to reason that cannabis consumption evolves beyond the simple spliff, joints, and bongs. Whether you’re an avid pothead or a would-be consumer, be sure to conduct some research on how to read the most benefits of these methods while staying on the safe side.

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