The American CRM System Providers industry currently has a market size of $43 billion. Sitting at the top of the thriving industry is Salesforce.

But what is Salesforce and what Salesforce features make it such a hit with businesses? If you’re on the fence about using the CRM platform, the following guide can help.

Read on to discover the Salesforce capabilities that make it the most popular CRM software available today.

Managing Contacts


Salesforce CRM makes contact management simple by providing easy access to important customer information. For example, it gives businesses ways to check and enhance customer engagement.

You can track customer behavior around different products and services and even record calls. You can learn more about Salesforce call recording and how it’s beneficial.

Cloud-based technology allows users to easily communicate with the rest of their team. You can share your ideas and important documents about customers.

Excellent Customization

Salesforce has a lot of great features built-in and also allows for customization. Users can easily make adjustments to simplify business processes.

Customization helps companies run more efficiently. It also supports complex code and integrates with other systems.

Customer Support

Salesforce offers a customer support system with fast response times. There are many ways to contact Salesforce support if you need assistance.

They also provide an education portal to help users learn the basics. If you need a fix, Salesforce can help you out remotely.

Flexible Pricing


You can try a Salesforce trial for 30 days before you make a decision. They offer a scalable pricing model to help fit many budgets.

So, if you don’t need some Salesforce features, you can pay a lower price. That’s a big advantage if you run a small business without a lot of extra cash to spend.

Easy User Interface

Salesforce has a new user interface called Lightning Experience. It has a clean design and it’s very straightforward to use.

The user interface works well for those interested in modifications and adoptions. The UI is responsive and simple for anyone to pick up no matter their skill level.

Business Ready

Salesforce acts as a one-stop shop for many business needs. Plus, you can add and remove features as your company grows and changes. It makes building apps, communication portals, and business websites very easy.

They have an AppExchange platform that lets users make and publish their applications created with the Salesforce platform. So, you might find something useful for your business that another business helped create already.


All of this makes Salesforce more than just a tool for sales or a standard CRM system. It assists marketing to commerce, sales to service, analytics to integration, and even enhances sustainability.

Understanding Salesforce Features

Now you know why so many businesses love Salesforce features and trust CRM software. Cloud technology, flexibility, customization, and helpful customer support puts Salesforce above the competition.

Remember this guide and consider trying a 30-day trial of Salesforce to see if its features work well for your business. Take a look at our Business/Finance section for more helpful tips and tricks.

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